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stilonxy · 5452

Brains Over Brawn is probably one of the worst cards out there. Yet, I've been on a mission to make it work. And now I might finally have a viable deck thanks to the release of Specialized Training and Surveillance Specialist. I made the deck as a gag initially but it somehow seems to work fairly well, even on expert.

The idea

The idea is simple! 5 base thwart (2+Surveillance Specialist+Heroic Intuition+Symbiote Suit) + occasionally extra for Fearless Determination will pump up the damage of Brains Over Brawn to between 5-7 damage. Pair that with Turn the Tide and you'll have steady stream of damage output relative to most other justice decks while still maintaining very high thwarting capabilities. And the cool thing is, you don't even have to choose between attacking and thwarting!

Making an Entrance will sadly wear off before Brains Over Brawn but it's still a solid addition, especially early game when you build the board.

Lay the Trap is there for some solid end game burst. When the stars align you'll be able to KO the villains last phase in solo.

I wanted to avoid building a confuse deck, thus Agent Coulson+Counterintelligence is a natural addition for when you need to go A-E, however they can be swapped in a multiplayer setting.

Even if we don't need allies for thwarting apart from maybe early game, Blindfold still fill his share with his ability. It can be a game changer when you draw extra encounter cards with Symbiote Suit. Wiccan will ping thoughness.

I think that was all for now. I might add some more text later.

Until then...



May 05, 2024 adsarf · 414

Hi @stilonxy, just saw your deck in the hero spotlight. Glad to see some appreciation for Brains Over Brawn! I am also trying to get some play for this card. Specialized Training is a big help, I agree.