Practical Magik (The Forbidden 50)

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ClassyRobot · 3919

The forbidden 50 card deck. This must be a Darkchilde deck...

Do you like drawing cards? Do you want to assert dominance with the largest hand at the table? It’s uncanny…it’s


Have The Sorcerer Supreme out? you have a 6 card hero hand.

Clear the Area can be played by Magik for free from the top of her deck. If it clears all the threat from a scheme, you get a card! 7 card hand.

But wait! Skilled Investigator will bump that bad boy up to 8 if you defeat a side scheme.

Open a portal to Avengers Mansion and steal some of their stuff. 9 Card Hand.

PSS will help make that impressive hand size a reality. Once you have cleared one, you also get access to playing Predictable Ploy from your top deck during the Villain Phase, costing 1 from Top Deck to cancel the When Revealed of any treachery revealed, regardless of who reveals it.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Play One Way or Another from the top of deck for a true 3 card draw. Sorc Supreme plus topdeck OWOA gets you a 9 card hand.

Oh, and let's not forget Magik's other signature ally, Wolfsbane. Bump any of those hand sizes up one more as you always know what type of card to call. If the high card count deck was worrying you, it should be clear why it's not really an issue at all here.

Other combos that feel like magic

  • Each PSS can all be played for free from top of Deck. A small bonus but nice
  • Upside the Head is a lock for Magik. Soulsword will always let you shred through toughs to trigger, and the steady from Magik's Crown helps out tremendously. It combos super well with Exorcism and Soul Strike really well (particularly the former since it can trigger the Confuse kicker. And guess what? You can play it for free off top of deck.
  • Upside the Head being basically guaranteed plus all the other confuse in kit means bump up your hand size one more with Cypher.
  • Multitasking helps trigger the kicker for Soul Strike, but should be avoided top deck playing, as you'll still have to overpay with a to get its own kicker. Sometimes you just have to do it.
  • One area Magik lacks is big burst damage, particularly for those beefy minions in the way. Float Like a Butterfly helps add some needed damage. It also makes up for the notable lower amount of physical resources, while also getting Magik up to a potential 4 atk, albeit doubly conditional
  • Blade is almost entirely here for Midnight Suns and chump blocking. There’s not enough to use him reliably. Blindfold or Mockingbird would be better in his spot but...come on…it’s Blade
  • Playing Avengers Mansion from top deck turns it to 3er from hand. 2 ER if you decide to draw immeditately.

Other Notes

Those who play larger multiplayer/those who dislike OWOA could substitute One Way or Another for Even the Odds. If you do I would recommend swapping Helicarrier for The X-Jet or Bloodgem to ensure you can pay for it. I personally chose Helicarrier over The X-Jet for the and that it can be used for any character, where the Jet is X-Men only.

Stalwart villain? Yea yea...swap out Upside the Head and Float Like a Butterfly for For Justice! and Heroic Intuition

Thanks for checking this out! This deck pairs well with midnight margaritas


Apr 02, 2024 andyr · 4107

I love the draw power here! But also, Magik and her ability is so great to let you center on versatility knowing you can probably pull the needed card to the top of your deck! I really can’t wait to play this

Apr 02, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 211

I had been wanting to try Magik in a Float Like a Butterfly deck, now I have one to start with. I love how playing her in 50 card decks feels like playing anyone else in a 40 card deck with her card cycling abilities and utilizing Stepping Discto recur from discard. Thanks for sharing another great deck!

Apr 02, 2024 journeyman2 · 20569

Upside+Predictable Ploy are amazing here! I really like Press the Advantage in A too, so will have to move some stuff around to fit Clear the Area in for myself. Good stuff, love the "stalwart villain? yeah yeah..." haha

Apr 02, 2024 andyr · 4107

Oh man! I also just realized, if I’m gonna play this tonight, I’m gonna need to stop by the store for some margarita mix. Who am I to deny a good pairing! (At first, I thought it was a deck on mcdb, I got so confused when I couldn’t find it.)

Apr 02, 2024 ClassyRobot · 3919

Haha sorry about that @andyr I felt like I didn’t have enough movie related references so I had throw one in at the end

@journeyman2 the ever present comment when statuses are involved “…but Thanos exists”

@Castlefrank47 this is one of the rare times I was thankful for a higher deck limit since you will cycle and cycle and cycle. Something was wrong with me because I was doubting Stepping Disc at first. It’s crazy how actually reading the card helps lol

Apr 02, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 211

@ClassyRobot stepping Disc is unbelievable. I will intentionally discard the Soulsword or Mystical Armor when I need them for setup just so I can recur it to the top of the deck and play it for free. Or later in the game one of her events