"This Deck is Fire!" - (NeXt/w7)

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Brian-V · 41367


X-Force Mission Completed: X-themed decks for all NeXt/Wave 7 heroes in every aspect vs X-pert NeXt Evolution!


Key Cards:


  • Relentless Assault - I keep asking myself how it is I love this card in this deck and the question is routinely answered when I play it. This also provides some great Overkill with all the Retaliate in the wild at the moment. It's also easy to ping with Deadpool's Katana to get maximum Overkill. You'll also find scenarios like On the Run will leave you with no shortage of targets. Even when you don't need this card you can use it as your discard card with Break the Fourth Wall.

  • "You'll Pay for That!" - Deadpool only really loses to threat. This will also help you get Front Line Specialist, which is such a key card.


Player Side Schemes:


  • Wolverine - He's just so strong and stays on the board. I even use him to ping away 1 THW all the time. Also helps with Tough until you get your Katana's. It's imperative you're able to maximize your big damage events.

  • Psylocke, Professor X, & Cable - Cerebro may seem like a weird choice, but you do have 3 Psionic allies. Many scenarios I still need to Confuse despite Steady and the first two help.


  • Cerebro - Three Psionic characters help you get the most out of this card. A lot of my testing was done with The Power of Aggression with 42 cards, and if you want to add those, grabbing an Aggression ally when you have it is a fun play.

  • X-Mansion - I use it to spot heal Wade Wilson, but also to keep my Psionics on the board.

Deck Spotlight - NeXt Evolution (Wave 7):

This deck along with the following were play-tested extensively vs Expert NeXt Evolution (non-campaign) to make sure they were capable, top-tier, fun decks. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome! Chimichanga's all around!

Deadpool Decks:

Aggression Decks:

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Feb 03, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 3054

Oh snap! We are getting treated to 6 Brian-V decks!?

Feb 04, 2024 theromeo3517 · 1230

Love seeing when a new hero can make a less common card work! Excited to try this deck

Feb 05, 2024 dr00 · 37802

Aggression Deadpool is probably my favourite version of him. it's such a fun rush style of play that's so fun

Feb 05, 2024 journeyman2 · 17918

I like Relentless Assault! It also makes me sad that a lot of the best Aggression cards are still from the core box. But 5 is still a relevant number and overkill is excellent, moreso when you have piercing on board and a bonus 2-4 to put every NeXt minion (and then some) into overkill range

Feb 05, 2024 Brian-V · 41367

@Man-is-Obsolete Don't want to spam marvelcdb, but have a bunch more that I tested and wanted to challenge myself!

Feb 05, 2024 Brian-V · 41367

@dr00 Love the rush of Deadpool Aggression as well! Would love to see your version.

Feb 05, 2024 Brian-V · 41367

@theromeo3517 Same! Always trying to find a niche use for those less common cards.

@journeyman2 I was surprised how much I liked Relentless Assault in this deck. But found in scenarios like On The Run, it especially shined. So much Guard and then in Expert you have Retaliate which you can get around. In general, just needed those minions to never be on the board so I can drop bombs.

Feb 09, 2024 TrueHiddenMist · 1

I love “You’ll Pay For That” and “Counter Punch” as further incentive to face tank damage for “This Card Is Fire”. I know Symbiote Suit isn’t popular at true solo play but I have a hard time leaving it out in Deadpool. The extra 10-20 damage plus hand size is incredible. I’d go as far to call a must have at 2 or more players.

Feb 16, 2024 Brian-V · 41367

@TrueHiddenMist For sure! I'm just doing more of a theme deck that can still handle Expert. But it can be added :)