Storm Frozen Minion Collector

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KakitaJamie · 265

LCG Discord Card Spotlight

Goal to build a deck that features the current spotlit card: Get Over Here!

Get Over Here! has two defining traits:

  • Attack 1 Free damage to a minion, not that great on its own.
  • Engaging the minion, IF you have Aerial. The Attack is inconsequential for most heroes, as there are generally better cards to play for damage. So unless you are Gamora, there really isn't much to do with this part of the card. The minion steal is what makes this card unique but requires Aerial. Thor gets his draw. Vision has the well known Intangible Minion Collector deck. These three options have been explored pretty well. I don't feel like, Storm has been explored though. Her Blizzard environment can be in play reducing attack, allowing her potentially to have many minions. So lets see if we can take advantage of that.


The Match-up

Normally I'd go into the plan on building out the board here but we really need to talk about the scenario for this deck. The Encounter deck needs to contain minions. Ideally, the minions have 1 ATK but reality a mix of 1 and 2 ATK. The other expectation is that we are in a multi-player game. Otherwise Get Over Here! should be replaced. Now that we got that established, lets look at the deck.


For Get Over Here! really needs Aerial to be active. Storm's Cape gets Storm Aerial. Superpower Training will help us to find it when its stuck on the bottom of the deck.


A deck that sits on minions needs means to fuel. Get Over Here! will get us minions drawn by our teammates. Angela and Looking for Trouble can help guarantee us some minions from the encounter deck.


Blizzard is there to help reduce the minions ATK by 1.


Reality there are going to be a number of minions with 2 ATK, so we need some ways to deal with the 1 damage. Hulk and Brawn have 5 HP to absorb for a while. She-Hulk can absorb a bunch and cap it off with a massive attack. Wolverine can block 1 damage indefinitely.


Assuming their non-Elite, Blizzard can allow you to blank text with the Special Ability.

Other Problem Minions

Magik can remove a Non-Elite Minion that is problematic. Of course a lot of these minions could easily finish off the Minions. Too many Minions we can build up a big Boom Boom kill for multiple minions.


"Bring It!" is the payoff here. Allowing Storm to have 3 big draws in the deck for some powerful turns to take advantage of her strong suite of events.

Everything Else

Boot Camp can make up for Blizzard on your Allies and help to push out a big damage end game with Thunderstorm. X-Gene and Deft Focus are just great for playing her Events.


Thor - His multi-attack is based on his ATK stat. You'll have to pay more attention to the Environment in play because Blizzard hurts but Thunderstorm helps. Not a bad option.

Spider-Girl - Hopefully we don't care about what the minion does.