Quicksilver - Side Schemer

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This is a very simple update of my previous Side Schemer deck, replacing Take Out the Guards with the far superior Specialized Training.

You know who can do a lot of thwarting? Quicksilver. So he should work well with Player Side Schemes.

Here I have set him up with 4 player side schemes to make him a valuable addition to a multiplayer team.

Besides his own kit, which allows for a lot of thwarting of different targets, he brings Even the Odds and Multitasking as well as Quasarto spread out the thwarting in a big blanket.

He also brings extra card draw with Clear the Area,One Way or Another and Skilled Investigator, plus a mixed bag of healing, damaging and readying from his other cards.

The sooner you can get Superpower Training you can pick up the incredible Friction Resistance, and Build Support can get you either Helicarrier or Serval Industries. Not to mention the bonuses to your teammates. Specialized Training is an amazing addition as well, especially in multiplayer. You will then be able to burn through your whole hand each turn quite easily and maybe use a couple of extra cards as well.

This deck's main drawback that I see is that it does not a lot of ways to deal damage. Which is why is will function best in multiplayer.


Sabretooth - Standard, Bomb Scare, Crossfire's Crew - 2 Player with Colossus (Decklist: Double Crossover)