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MegiDolaDyne · 3071

This deck has video footage if you don't find my voice too annoying! Thanks, journeyman2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zumAtgK-Mbs

Ever get the feeling that the day you're having is just like the day you had yesterday? And the day before that? And the day before that, too? Like you're in that one Tom Cruise movie with a name I can't remember? Or that one Bill Murray movie? Well that's because you're crazy. That's just something that happens in the movies, not to real people like you and me. So forget about all that and let's play some Marvel Champions.

So, your turn starts and you have full health! Alright! Time to start playing all our upgrades. That's how you play this game, after all: just play a bunch of upgrades and you win. Defense? Never heard of it. Chump blockers? Who needs 'em? Minion control? What are minions gonna do, attack you? Threat? ...Fine, sure, grab a "Yoo-Hoo!" from your deck before flipping to hero form if you're so scared. Whatever. But most of all, just play as many upgrades and supports as you can until-



Ever get the feeling that the day you're having is just like the day you had yesterday? Well stop it, we have a game to play. So, your turn starts and you have 1 health. No big deal, just recover for 8 and get back in there. Keep digging for your most important cards. Which ones are those? Well, the most important one is It Ain't Over since it helps with the one loss condition we actually care about. Chimichanga Truck gives us free readies and is also crucial to our game-winning combo, Moira, Weapon X, Specialized Training (we want Front Line Specialist), and even IPAC (if you're feeling saucy) let us find our cards faster, X-Mansion gives us some healing and also lets us loop our best cards as much as we want since we can shuffle events and our powerful Montage resource right back in with Mutant Education. A Katana or two couldn't hurt either. And we also want to get Black Widow out. Now, you might've noticed that's a lot of cards we need to set up. And we haven't even gotten to Symbiote Suit, our most expensive and most important card. What's that? Why play a card that gives us +10 HP when we don't care about our health? Well, you see, it's because-



Ever get the feeling that the day you're having is just like the day you had yesterday? ...Well I'm starting to think you might be onto something. Let's get back to the game. So, your turn starts and you have 1 health. No big deal, just recover for 8 and get back in there. We're pretty strong now, but things are starting to look a bit dicey. There's some acceleration tokens on the main scheme, there's some minions that we're not dealing with because we spent all our resources on upgrades, and maybe there's a side scheme or two. You have to trust me when I say it's not as bad as it looks. If you really need to deal with some minions, start with the ones that have really bad activation effects, then anything with Guard or Patrol. To help us out we have our best buddy Cable and our distant acquaintance Pete Wisdom. And we can keep them out for a while since we never need to chump block. Most important, though, is keeping that main scheme under control and continuing to dig for our upgrades, which is why we have Bait and Switch and we have Taunt. We can play them the turn we flip to get ourselves to low health so the villain can finish us off, or even better we can use them when we're already at low health so that we can-



Ever get the feeling that making the same joke over and over again is getting in the way of explaining how this deck actually works? Fine. You win. Let's break down exactly what we've been doing all game. We've been ignoring most minions, keeping up with the main scheme, and dying repeatedly. Every time we die we go right back to Alter-Ego, letting us make full use of our insane REC stat and also use all of our Alter-Ego cards without letting the villain scheme even once. We can even use self-damage to die and go to Alter-Ego in the middle of our turn, letting us use Moira and friends to draw even more cards risk-free. Moira seems to know a lot about time loops, I should probably talk to her about that some time. And since we simply don't care about villain attacks or most minions, even the hazard from Symbiote Suit is barely a problem. And if we do get a problem card we can use Black Widow to re-roll it into something harmless like another damage-dealing card. Because-









So once we have a Symbiote Suit and a Chimichanga Truck in play we have access to our big combo. With all your card draw you just need to manually find either Maximum Effort or This Card is Fire, and then you can use your alter-ego ability to find the other one. Once you have both in hand, recover twice, going up to 19 health or even more with Endurance, Down Time, and/or Frontline Specialist in play. Flip to hero form, use Maximum Effort to bring yourself down to 1 health, doing enough damage to take down most villains in one shot if you're playing solo. Then, play Fire and do that same amount of damage again. Sometimes you'll have Guard minions to deal with, some villains have Toughness in their later stages, but you have your Katanas to help with that, just leave yourself enough health to activate them since you can't flip to hero form twice in one turn. But the point is that's somewhere from 36 to 50 damage in one turn just from playing two cards, and most villains aren't gonna survive that. If they can, you can soften them up earlier with a big Maximum Effort/Fire, bringing them down to about 1 HP so you can finish with the full combo later. And all it took was dying somewhere between four and eight times, putting way too much threat and acceleration on the main scheme, and letting the boardstate go completely out of control. Easiest game in the world. Another successful mission for X-Force.

Now, before you go off and have too much fun dying over and over again, a few quick notes. First of all, Deadpool has some really bad matchups. If the villain has a way to damage you in Alter-Ego you'll die for real, if the villain isn't actually attacking you but instead focuses on a secondary target like Hope Summers or Robert Kelly your entire gameplan falls apart, and anything that exhausts you ruins your recovery plans which can cause things to get considerably more out of control because then the minions that you're not killing might begin to scheme. This is a deck that can beat Ronan if you're lucky enough not to draw Rogue Vessel, but it's also a deck that can completely fold to Sandman of all villains. Black Widow helped solve a lot of these problems, but they're still major issues. Secondly, this deck will do fine in either solo or multiplayer, but if you do this in multiplayer your friends will hate you. Your deck's entire concept is putting more acceleration on the main scheme and doing little to nothing to actually help affect the board until the very end, and outside of solo your big kill combo won't actually do enough damage to kill on its own so you'll need some help on that front. You're not weak per se, and being able to search and play Yoo-Hoo to casually thwart 16 off the main scheme means things aren't as dangerous as they look, but you're actively making the rest of the table more miserable for personal gain. Which can be a lot of fun, just ask Star-Lord! Just be ready for that. All those things aside, this hero is wild and I hope you have a good time with this list. Have a nice death!


Nov 18, 2023 journeyman2 · 16193

This deck works really well! Controls the threat early and then drops bombs late

Nov 19, 2023 dr00 · 35887

Deadpool is so fun when you just don't care about consequences