Fastball Special part 2!

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Clonard · 63

This deck has been designed to play with Colossus, in part 1 I built Colossus in protection to capitalize on his ability to protect others and slow the villain down. Wolverines job is to Thwart and deal damage, a tall order but nothing he can't handle.

Wolverine is the best there is a what he does, and in this deck that's everything. Wolverine has been built as a Thwarting master is able to stop the villain around every bend. I used his basic activation to Thwart most of the time, but have no fear, he has 9 attack cards in his deck so dealing with the Villain and his minions is no problem either. He also has a part time gig in the X-Mansionproviding Mutant Education and X-Men Instruction to his allies. These allow him to recirculate Track by Scent multiple times allowing him to both thwart and cycle his deck, Logan's Cabin helps with this as well. Because he wants to flip down to alter fairly often I rarely used Berserker Frenzy in this build. Because He usually has the main scheme under control, his allies can help deal with Minions and Side Schemes. Jubilee bring the pain with her +2 bonus, Marvel Girl can keep Minions and the Main Scheme in check at the same time, the extra healing from x-mansion helps Bishop to get off his damage every time he comes out, Professor X can provide huge turns of burst thwarting. Wolverine with Heroic Intuition has a base thwart of 3, Prof. X can ready an X-man, together they can do 9 threat from schemes in play!

I took both this deck and the part 1 Colossus deck through Mutant Genesis on Standard, Two-handed, and did well. In the original build he lacked some economy, X-Gene helped a ton to pay for Regenerative Healing and Track by Scent, if your cycling cards with x-mansion you should see them fairly regularly so the payoff is worth it. I also added Endurance so he can stay in hero form longer and pay for more cards with Wolverine's Claws.

Overall Wolverine is a very powerful Hero and with help from his buddy Colossus there is nothing they can handle. I had a lot of fun with these 2 decks so I hope they will provide some fun for someone else too. Thanks for reading!