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This may be my favourite deck to play that I've ever built, and that's only a small amount of exaggeration. The whole idea of the deck is to tank hits and hit back harder. Let's get into how it works and why I've chosen cards.

Get Huge

Having a high hit point pool gives us more leeway on just how much damage we can take before it becomes a problem. That's why we have:

This will give us a total of 7 extra health, which means we have a maximum of 17 health once those are in play, which is an absolutely huge priority.

Hit Hard

With that health, we're able to spend it to lay into the villain and their minions. The priority is usually Wolverine's own attacks, but there's a few specific ones in there that provide a ton of value, such as:

  • Fighting Fit - You need to be careful with this as if you play it with Wolverine's Claws you have to pay before resolving the card, which can mean your health is too low, but once you're set up, you can occasionally start dishing out 5 damage hits for 2 resources, which is an exceptional rate
  • Hard Knocks - While you normally want to get hit, against stronger villains you do need some form of damage mitigation, and Hard Knocks allows you to both take out a minion that's hitting you and negate a villain attack. 99% of the time, 3 health is less than the damage you would take from a minion attack plus a villain attack, so look at it as pure damage mitigation.
  • Preemptive Strike can't be played with Wolverine's Claws, but is actually fantastic for him. Play it in response to an unexpected 3-boost when taking a hit, use it to redirect a weak attack to Wolverine from a teammate so that you can take a guaranteed low amount of damage. Got Tough from Hard Knocks? Take the hit on your own turn, and then use Preemptive Strike to defend against someone else's attack!

Don't Die

When you're consistently spending your health to play cards, you'll take a ton of damage. That's why we've got:

  • Armor - Who is here to sit and do absolutely nothing until something goes wrong and you need an extra block, because it will happen at some point while playing this deck and going nuts spending health to kill everything. Think of her as a 2-cost version of "I Got Better", and leave her alone until all is lost.
  • Mockingbird is in a similar boat, but with the added bonus of stunning the villain while you're still setting up or once you're rolling and would rather spend your health than take hits.
  • Med Team - Which is expensive to play, but gets you 6 health for 3 resources over the course of 3 turns, and you can afford thanks to your first attack being essentially free thanks to your claws.
  • The Night Nurse - Which is doubly useful for removing those pesky conditions, but can just be used as a trickle heal, 3 for 1 is still a good rate.
  • What Doesn't Kill Me - Which doubles as both a heal and a ready effect, allowing you to get the most out of the ATK boost from Adamantium Skeleton
  • Indomitable is another card that goes in the "just in case" pile, allowing you to lessen but not negate the damage you take, while still being ready to attack and thwart on your next turn.

Get Cards

The whole point of having just so much healing is that you want the villain to punch you in the face so that you can just laugh it off.

  • Berserker Frenzy - is actually secretly pretty much the entire point of the deck. Keep taking those hits and drawing cards until the enemy can't keep up with your healing and damage anymore
  • Dauntless provides a steady trickle of damage that really adds up, and with a lot of minions you can just sit tanking them until it's time to take them down with Hard Knocks, or they kill themselves on your retaliation
  • Avengers Mansion is expensive but the whole point is you're never playing for your attacks. This means you can spend all those resources on expensive support cards that will just snowball into a massive advantage


This deck is obviously not very good at threat removal, and does need support in most cases in multiplayer. You can absolutely brutalize villains solo, but it's going to be very luck dependent, and there are a lot of setup steps to go through before the deck really shines. You may also just... die if you get unlucky against certain villains. But without risk, it's not nearly as much fun!

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