Mighty She-Hulk

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"Draw & Slam!" (3.0) - She-Hulk / Leadership - March '21 707 571 38 1.0
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An humble adaptation of BrianV's "She-Hulk Draw & Slam" Leadership engine deck. I didn't found other inspired deck proposing that alternative and thus decided to publish this version.

What differs from other versions?


Ant-Man, because depending on the situation you can adapt it's cost. It can save you to play him at two ressources when your Leadership engine is not fully set and you need to thwart while staying in Alter Ego form.

Falcon, although expensive, the response may help also for thwarts.

Hawkeye not sure which one is the best for dealing with minions. This one is more expensive but more effective with small minions. Hawkeye comes quicker but cost you expensive cards for activating the action and it may slow down your board emplacement. Thus depending on the villain, you can adapt between the two Hawkeye.


Keeping only Avengers Assemble! (x1 suffice) and three Strength In Numbers for the leadership engine, but you can adapt to two x2.


Band Together is a must have to be able to build your board and control the game earlier. For that purpose it is crucial to play three allies as quickly as possible and never block with them but just use them for thwart while building your board.


Mighty Avengers is a very powerfull card that I didn't see on other decks. Probably because when you want to play with other players it impose them to be Avenger as well, but it is so adapted to this deck and they are so many avenger heroes yet.

Team Training for extra potential use of your allies.


Rapid Response because it offers some fun combos with Squirrel Girl Falcon or Hawkeye

Thanks BrianV and Dr00 for their initial ideas.

Don't hesitate to give this version a try and share your opinions.

Have fun!