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"Draw & Slam!" (3.0) - She-Hulk / Leadership - March '21 707 571 38 1.0
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ChocoboBai · 114

Another deck to use Strength In Numbers with Avengers Assemble!. I really liked the idea from Brian-V's deck to add plenty of draw power to get to the best She-Hulk cards, such as Gamma Slam and Split Personality. I found that She-Hulk makes great use of Symbiote Suit to give you a huge health pool.

She-Hulk has a couple of nice points that help with setting up Strength In Numbers. She has a few tools to help keep threat down while in alter-ego. So at the start of the game you can usually stay in that form for an extra turn or two which allows you to set up quickly. Also, the Hellcat ally being an avenger is super useful.

Make sure to get a couple of cheap allies out quickly to enable Strength In Numbers and Band Together. Then, start setting up your supports and upgrades. You may need to use allies to intervene early on to stop plans from completing or secondary plans going out of control, but ideally you want to keep them on the field. If you do have to intervene at least use the allies that have effects when they enter play.

Split Personality is very useful early on, it is probably best to switch to hero form, attack or intervene, then use this to go back to alter ego and get 6 cards.

With all of the extra draw power from Focused Rage Avengers Mansion, Symbiote Suit and of course Strength In Numbers you will end up drawing half of your deck pretty easily. With up to 6 allies possible, you can set up big turns with Strength In Numbers followed by Avengers Assemble!.

With so many draws you don't need many events to put out damage. Firstly, you have Gamma Slam. You can just take hits directly to both save allies and power up this card. Symbiote Suit](/card/27191) makes it easy to get 15 damage from Gamma Slam. The other two I included are Go All Out and Mass Attack. Both work well with Symbiote Suit and Superhuman Strength. Go All Out plays for 9 after Symbiote Suit, or 11 if you used Avengers Assemble! that turn. Mass Attack does not exhaust your hero card, allowing you to follow up with a regular attack and keeps your allies healthy while still making use of their attack points (ideally already boosted by Avengers Assemble!). Mass Attack usually plays for at least 12 damage.

Also, you can grab the leadership event you need with Black Panther. Sometimes it is nice to play him to get a Strength In Numbers saved for next turn.

I found Band Together provided more value than The Power of Leadership here, as a lot of your high cost cards are from She-Hulk or are basic.

With the extra health and good recovery, Clarity of Purpose is great value here. Unshakable is just good.