Power of Wakanda

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Black Panther Agression 0 0 0 2.0

Jeleva · 51

This deck is about utilizing the Power of Wakanda!

Energy Daggers and Panther Claws are Weapon Upgrades. And while they are useful for Wakanda Forever! Without that event in your hand, they kind of just sit there on the field. In this situation Fusillade shines as it gives a new use for these Black Panther unique upgrades!

Brute Force and Plasma Pistol are to deal with enemies who have a Toughness status card.

Hall of Heroes and The Golden City will get you well prepared with all the resources you need. When Hall of Heroes has 3 or more Glory Counters you leave the battle switching to T'Challa Alter-Ego. So that on the following turn using both Hall of Heroes and The Golden City you Draw 5 additional cards!

Chase Them Down helps to deal with Threat as Tactical Genius does most of the hard lifting for your Threat Removal.

And lastly Tigra to help you mop up some Minions to keep her healed and on the Field!


Jun 14, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 1058

Muy guay la combinacion de Energy Daggersy Panther Claws con Fusillade!

Jun 15, 2022 ryusora · 1

Really clever to use fusillade and mean swing. Personally i think there are better allies that can do the work that you want from brute force, so personally i would remove that. And you only have 6 cards to take advantage from power of agression, i think you could remove those then and swap plasma pistol for hand cannon, yeah they have different interactions but i think hand cannons are way stronger with overkill and stuff.

Jun 15, 2022 ryusora · 1

Also, if your deck is not fishing minions, hall of heroes is kinda weak, unless this is like a 3p game

Jun 15, 2022 ryusora · 1

And BP weapons are not restricted, so side holster is not necessary here, and it is pretty rare to have 3 plasma pistol or hand cannon in the table at the same time