SHIELD Sneak Attack! - Black Widow (L)

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Brian-V · 34735



  • I've been successful with this deck on Expert vs all Red Skull villains for some fun thematic match-ups. I've been loving all the thematic SHIELD decks, thought I'd share this one!

  • I actually usually play this deck with 41 cards (Command Team x3), but thought I'd cut it to 40, I know a lot people prefer their decks that way. If you play and enjoy the deck, let me know if you have any other cards to consider?


May 12, 2022 Fry · 159

I like that Dum Dum Dugan can exhaust The Triskelion and/or Safe House #29 to pump himself.

May 12, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 3824

Nice idea here... there's a combo here where you could Sneak Attack Agent 13 into play, and then use up an entire Command Team on her with her ability to ready that same Command Team.

It's a lot of actions, but I'm not sure how efficient it is... it would cost 3 ER for the Command Team down first, and then 3 more for Agent 13 through the Sneak Attack. But... you could get 8 THW out of that all in one burst.

May 12, 2022 Clutterbuck · 2

Simple rules question: if You Sneak Attack an ally into play, and then it dies and Rapid Response puts it back into play, is it considered a different ally? Woudl the Sneak Attack text then not apply, and so you can keep the ally in play at the end of the phase?

May 12, 2022 Buildadeck2 · 1

Awesome deck, Bryan-V! This is InigoMontoya. D20woodworking asked me to build him a Black Widow deck, and I choose something really similar.

Glad to see the idea works! Keep making amazing ideas...

May 12, 2022 Brian-V · 34735

@Fry Forgot to put this combo in, thanks for reminding me.

@teamcanadahockey2002 True, yeah, I've used that combo myself as well, I'll add it to the list. There's so much you can do with Agent13. I think with efficiency a good footnote is the context of a play, which could be with cost-reduction. In this case Government Liaison & possibly cheating her back in with Rapid Response (and getting Rapid Response in with her Gauntlets). Thanks for the comment, I'm always curious what you have to say about a deck -- you always have great ideas.

@Clutterbuck Yes, that's correct, it's considered a different ally and would stay in play. I should have been more specific with "cheating in allies".

@Buildadeck2 Inigo! Awesome deck man. I actually play with Command Team x3 in this deck, but when I post decks more than 40 people always ask me what to cut. Haha.

May 12, 2022 Pons92 · 8

@Brian-V have you consider to add Sky-Destroyer? It will give you 2 damage "for free" every turn... even 4 damages some turns

May 12, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 4

@Pons92 It is pretty good, but it does have anti-synergy with Make the Call and Sneak Attack which are putting a lot of your S.H.I.E.L.D. cards into play without actually playing them.

May 12, 2022 Xeleon777 · 1

I think Sneak Attack "Discards" the ally you use it on and rapid response needs the ally to be "defeated" so it dosn't combo correctly.

May 13, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 4

@Xeleon777 The trick they are using is with Command Team to get multiple uses and get them defeated from consequential damage during the turn.

May 13, 2022 Xeleon777 · 1

`@Death by Chocolate I see my bad, thats a pretty cool combo I shall try it out then.

May 13, 2022 Moby · 3844

Love this deck. Black Widow Leadership reanimator is my favorite deck in this game, it is so powerful. And I've been looking for a deck to try out Dum Dum.

With The Power in All of Us I would find it temping to slot in more of the basic package, with Avengers Mansion or Quincarrier, even going above 40 to put them in. But I know people are pedantic about their 40 card decks haha

Jun 05, 2022 pastorkris · 5

Have you thought about adding Team-Building Exercise?

Jun 05, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 4

@pastorkris Team-Building Exercise only helps you play War Machine, Winter Soldier, Nick Fury, and Mockingbird because it uses a Hero Action and she is only an Avenger and Spy in hero form. I would run a second Government Liaison before that because it is also an additional exhaust target for various S.H.I.E.L.D cards.

Jun 09, 2022 ghostwes · 14

Great deck. Please consider adding Teamwork, as it works very well with Dum Dum, allowing you to take advantage of his great stat line without having to deal with the consequential damage. I have had great success with this combo in a Spider Woman Leadership/Justice deck.

Jun 22, 2022 RonnieC · 1

Cool idea. Like it a lot.

Oct 05, 2022 SergeyM · 1

Though I like this deck, I had a lot of problems with it in scenarios that punish switching to alter-ego form at Expert. Even 1 turn can be a disaster. The main problem is +1 encounter card mechanics Natasha can't deal with when in alter-ego. In +2 encounter cases, you're basically doomed. What I'd reeeeealy love to have in this deck is a few cards that let you switch your form so you can go in alter-ego to play a few preps and then go back and ready to cancel trecheries.