Black Cat Helps Spider-Menace Pay His Rent!

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KennedyHawk · 8804

Hey all it's another deck of the week. We are rounding out the core set with one final deck - Spider-Man / Leadership. I know, I know, everyone and their Aunt May has a Black Cat voltron deck but hear me out - in this pocket of the multiverse Spider-man and Felicia are teaming up as bastions of crime. Cheat against those villains and grab extra cards from the top of your deck - just try not to discard your Backflips!


I couldn't let @dr00 have all the fun - it's another leadership deck without Strength In Numbers almost like there's multiple valid strategies in the aspect!?@!

The Heist

We need to be discreet about this - we don't want any FFG designers on our trail. Everyone loves Black Cat because of her amazing lack of consequential damage for attacking. I get it - it's very attractive - but would you believe me that her other ability can be just as strong? After you play Black Cat you'll discard the top 2 cards of your deck and place any mental cards discarded into your hand. Back in the core set days there weren't enough hot mental cards to make this consistent. Thankfully, two years later I'm all about it. Our deck has 13 cards without a printed mental resource, meaning 27 of the cards are valid Black Cat targets. We're hoping to steal the show by spamming Black Cat as much as possible helping Spidey burn through his deck looking for Swinging Web Kick.

The Plan

Leadership has a lot of recursion. Like a lot. Unfortunately the more traditional means Make the Call and Rapid Response don't work well with Black Cat's ability. Then we got Regroup - possibly the most busted of the recursive options in Leadership - and a mental to boot. Regroup will allow us to bounce Black Cat to hand after chumping with her. Ideally you draw enough cards to do this over and over again but while waiting for your next Regroup Felicia can just use her auto ping damage. Consider this, you are Spider-Man with Regroup and Black Cat on the board. Rhino swings at you allowing you to draw to 6 cards with your Spider-Sense. Felicia can chump and jump back in your hand, 7 cards now. When you play her next turn, she will hopefully hit 2 mental cards - giving you access to 9 cards from your deck (one being Black Cat herself). Hopefully you can muster a Swinging Web Kick in all that and go to face against the villain!

Note, we've still included Make the Call and Rapid Response mainly because you want to be plowing through your deck with card draw from Maria Hill and Nick Fury. I hope you try this deck out and see just how fun "that other" ability Black Cat has can be.


Oct 22, 2021 dr00 · 11922

FFG: 'justice is the aspect' Kennedyhawk: 'hold my cat'

Oct 22, 2021 DrDubios · 1

I have to try this in multiplayer. Blocking with black cat and bouncing Hill all the time sounds like a great support for other players.

Oct 22, 2021 Telcontar · 16

"The key to this deck is <card from one of few packs I don't have>..." Always. ALWAYS!

Oct 22, 2021 KennedyHawk · 8804

@dr00 laughs in nearly endless resources.

In all seriousness I forgot to mention how quickly this deck can set up a chain of 3 continual blocking allies. You can almost trivialize the attacks in the villain phase.

Start with 6 cards in hand (include 1 Nick Fury, or a Make the Call and Nick in discard).

Use Scientist to Play Nick and draw 3 cards (you should have 5 cards in hand assuming everything is a single resource).

Play Black Cat and draw hopefully 2 mental cards (again now 4 cards in hand).

Play Maria Hill and draw 1 card.

Play regroup and profit? You can now block for yourself, and 3 other players bouncing Nick, Maria, and Felicia to you hand - setting up your next turn to start with 9 cards (because of Spider-Senses).

That's enough to repeat this process all over again and as you are seeing 9+3+2+1 cards from your deck you are pretty likely to find a regroup. It's insanely efficient and just protects the whole table.

Oct 25, 2021 B1gn4sty · 1

Played this against the first half of the MTS campaign (standard as I’m a noob still) and it was a absolute blast. Finally the Spider-man deck that I’ve been looking for.

Oct 26, 2021 MacGhille · 49

This is a very cool idea, and I had a great time with it yesterday in a two-handed solo. I ended up making some alterations to give me more control of the allies.

Added Last Stand so I could have Felicia, Fury or Maria take a hard dive once Rapid Response was out and immediately benefit from a second return to play. Also added Ready for Action to let a chump blocker last an extra round in case I was a little low on fodder.

Fantastic concept, really enjoyed playing it.

Oct 26, 2021 KennedyHawk · 8804

Annoyingly Last Stand discard an ally and doesn't defeat it so it can't combo with Rapid Response :( I tried it before I realized!

Oct 26, 2021 MacGhille · 49

Oh man, I totally missed that, and abused the heck out of it. Yikes. Guess it was just a little too good to be real...

Oct 26, 2021 MacGhille · 49

Of course...I could force the rapid response combo with Drax and Fury...and then use the Ready for Action to safely buff Drax...wheels churning

Oct 27, 2021 SpiderPK · 1

Great deck. I think you can change Trikelion for an Avenger Tower, same job but for an other mental energy, a 2 cost. Perhaps PowerMan could be better that Warmachine for a 3 cost.

Oct 28, 2021 DreamShatterah · 1

That meme almost took me out! LOL! Cool deck design though.

Oct 28, 2021 KennedyHawk · 8804

@SpiderPK Great ideas! I need to try Power Man Avengers tower sadly won’t give you a 4th slot as Nick, Maria, and Felicia aren’t Avengers :(

Nov 09, 2021 ihasaflavour · 1

Honestly the best and most fun deck I've ever played. Thanks brother.

Nov 17, 2021 LordVader13 · 1

@KennedyHawkI've been using this deck alongside a Spider-Woman deck (protection / Justice) in double handed solo. Love it! Using Web Shooters to pay for Regroup and bouncing Black Cat back to my hand has been a blast! Thanks for another great deck idea! Cheers!

Nov 18, 2021 KennedyHawk · 8804

@LordVader13 That's awesome I'm going to try it out in multiplayer this weekend. 4 Player Spider-man defends all!

Nov 18, 2021 LordVader13 · 1

@KennedyHawk would love to hear how it goes! Cheers!