Hulk smash!

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matko1986 · 2

Finnished solo:

  • Rhino - expert mode
  • Klaw - expert mode
  • Ultron - expert mode
  • Wrecking Crew - extreme challenge (both A/B sides)

Hi, this is funniest deck I have ever created! You have to remember only one thing, this deck contain 8 mental resource. That is all, if you can count to eight, then you can play this and enjoy this :)

This deck is all about fast burst dmg and around the Hulk.

Hulk is the key and every card is adapted to him. Enraged and Honorary Avenger are his main upgrades and First Aid is event to keep him in action as long as possible.

Before every attack with Hulk, just look at your discard pile and count cards with mental resource there. If there are for example 4-5 mental cards and your deck is still full of cards, just attack with hulk as often as you can. Statistic (28 physical cards) is on your side ;)

I was curious how the deck will work without some key cards like Nick Fury or Energy or Genius and for my own surprise it works quite well.

On your opening game you want Hulk of course and some economic cards, like Helicarrier, Steve's Apartment or Super-Soldier Serum,

In early game just defend with Captain America with his Captain America's Shield and retaliate. Use allies to thwart and use captainĀ“s ability to stand him.

In mid/late game when you have builded board you can just attack villain every turn (hulk for 7dmg , captain for 5dmg with basic ATK with Jarnbjorn and 6dmg with Heroic Strike or 4dmg to each with Shield Toss). For threat control use Agent 13 she is extremly usefull.

This is very simple deck with no difficult strategy, just do not forget always count mental resource in your discard pile.