The Marvelous Stun-Lock and Draw!

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Delfiggalo · 1071

Step 1: Play Drop Kick

Step 2: Draw Card

Step 3: Profit!

You ever get frustrated by villains that deal tons of damage? Find yourself struggling to survive attack after attack from the likes of Rhino and Crossbones? What if I told you that could all change with one simple card?!?!

Introducing Drop Kick!

With this one card you can stun lock the enemy and deal damage and draw a card! What’s even better is that you can do this all without having to spend a SINGLE card from your hand! How is this possible, you ask? It’s easy! Take a ride on the Helicarrier, it will give you the discount you need to play Drop Kick for only 2 resources! What’s better is that you can use both Biokinetic Polymer Suit and Martial Prowess to trigger to full power of this deceptively simple card! A and a give you everything you need to stun, stun, and stun some more!

Don’t forget to recur the event with Ms. Marvel’s innate Morphogenetics. But if you don’t want to (we can’t imagine why, but let’s just be hypothetical), no need to fret. You have 3 copies of Drop Kick in this deck. That’s right, three!

But what if I’m stunned? Just attack with your basic ATK, it’s only an ATK of 1, so you aren’t missing out. And again, don’t be afraid if you can’t recur the Drop Kick right away, there’s three in the deck. And, as an added bonus, Aamir Khan will let you cycle those precious cards back into your deck!

But, what if the villain is tough?! Tough may stop the damage, but it can’t stop the stun and card draw. A stun and a card without spending a single card from hand? That sounds like a deal to me!

Does this deal sound too good to be true? Just wait! There’s more! We even added Press the Advantage to this deck just for even more card draw! Stun, draw, draw, draw! You’ll have so many cards and so many free hero turns you won’t know what to do with yourself! And the poor villain will just be stumbling in a daze, helpless against your onslaught of kicks!

But what about threat control??? you ask. Leave that to the allies, you don’t have time for such trivial things as threat. Brawn will tick away threat every single turn! Red Dagger will burst down threat with his 2 THW! And Spider-Girl will lock down the occasional problematic minion!

Speaking of minions, if they do dare show their faces, call in Tigra and Valkyrie for back up! These two ladies will make sure those minions regret the day they revealed themselves from the encounter deck! But if you wanna get personal, feel free to hit them with a Melee or two.

And don’t forget to keep those allies healthy with First Aid. A healthy ally is a happy ally, and a happy ally will deal with even more threat and minions then ever before!

So act now!!! Stun the villain!! Draw the cards!! WIN THE GAME!!!

Disclaimer: The author of this deck is NOT responsible for failure due to hubris caused by so much power. The author is also not responsible for any unexpected and/or unlucky encounter draws such as, but not limited to, Gang-Up, Assault, and other similar attack effects. If such an effect does a occur, the author recommends hiding behind one of your allies so that you may live another turn.


Oct 24, 2020 diesel · 140

I love this concept. I have a Cap deck based on the same principles of reducing the cost with Helicarrier and using Martial Prowess and/or Super-Soldier Serum to use 0 cards from hand to pay the cost. It's busted AF.

Porting this over to Ms. Marvel (one of my favorite heroes in the game so far) is awesome. Will definitely be taking this for a test drive this weekend.

Oct 24, 2020 Pickles · 26

That's an entertaining write up there! I have been playing a version of this recently too. I use Hulk (and Sentry) instead of Valkyrie/Tigra so also dropped a lot of Mind cards for some marginal STR/Energy ones. With Sentry it's hard to evaluate the extra encounter card cost but I have decided he is really good after some play.

Before that I did it with Steve and before that with Black Panther - who can use his many double wild resources to make up for a lack of recurring STR. I think DropKick is probably too good. Half the time I forget to draw a card and it's still great!

Oct 25, 2020 Delfiggalo · 1071

@diesel I could definitely see that being broken with Cap, especially with his Heroic Strike. He basically has 6 cards that are on-demand stuns! The great thing about Ms. Marvel is that you can recur the card so you have 6 cards in hand after the Drop Kick bonus.

@PicklesHonestly, the it was actually kind of difficult to decide what other cards to add in the deck so I just threw in some “all-rounders” to cover whatever the encounter deck might throw at you. My first test run with this deck, I finished the game at full health (against crossbones) with only Helicarrier, Biokinetic Suit, and Martial Prowess in play. It was just stun, 4 damage, repeat and there was no need to play anything else because crossbones did nothing! I think Sentry might be the better choice because you hardly ever see encounter cards anyway and his threat control potential more than makes up for it. It’s funny how literally every hero can run Drop Kick better (and more reliably) than Hulk! But I could definitely expect to see villains and encounter cards that prevent enemies from being stunned/confused in the future, just like we’re starting to see more overkill effects to counter chump blocking and more tough enemies that can’t be nuked the instant they enter play.

Oct 25, 2020 Pavvo · 2

@DelfiggaloAwesome deck! I tried it out against Kang and it faired VERY well! Recorded a playthrough and credited you and your deck (although I'm very sure I pronounced your name wrongly, sorry ><)

Nov 11, 2020 gustave154 · 21

Ms Marvel drop kicking everyone for free is the greatest thing ever