Deadpool has a plan

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wehehe · 123

Yeah, Deadpool has a plan, and we all should be scared for that.

This deck works like a charm in a low player count (specially in solo), but I think it can be good also at higher player count.

Your perfect round #1 will get you Symbiote Suit in starting hand. You don't really need anything else, but having two double resources and Endurance would be amazing.

So.. just play the Symbiote Suit, having now 19 HP on Deadpool. Discard any one card in hand to get a Maximum Effort, switch to Hero, and Maximum Effort for 18 damage on the villain. (21 if you managed to play also Endurance)

Another way to do this is with an starting hand having Endurance + This Card is Fire + Maximum Effort. As both of cards are Deadpool's events, and also attacks, any of them can be fetched with Plan of Attack and Deadpool's alter ego action.

At solo play, most of the villains will fall on round 1 with this damage. (use your basick attack if they had Tough).

In the villain phase, just let the villain smash you. Start round 2 at alter ego with just 1 HP. You can now repeat. Use alter Ego action to find This Card is Fire or Maximum Effort depending on your other cards. Maximum Effort is great if you have Symbiote Suit in play and Chimichanga Truck in hand... just double-heal, and Maximum Effort again.

The rest of the deck it really can be adapted to fit whatever you feel it will need if the game takes more rounds, but you should be easily killing the villain in 2-3 rounds (solo playing).

Toe to Toe and Counterattack is a great combo, as you really don't care being at low health in hero form. Weapon X is another fetcher which can help you build your strategy, and Mutant Education lets you recycle your combo pieces. X-Mansion is totally dispensable, but it can be useful if the game takes more rounds than expected.

We played a two player Mojo campaign with this deck, paired with a Justice Cable deck using Specialized Training, and letting Deadpool get Front Line Specialist is just crazy. With Symbiote Suit, Endurance and Front Line Specialist he gets 26 HP. You just obliterate enemies with Maximum Effort and This Card is Fire, while Cable goes after you extinguishing all fires.

It is fun as hell, and also feels very thematic.