Upgrading the pre-con deck - Rise of Red Skull (Expert)

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Remedy · 3327

With the release of Rise of Red Skull comes a new hero and pre-constructed deck. While the experience by this particular pre-con is enjoyable on standard I thought it'd be interesting to tweak the deck slightly for the expert campaign.

By adding in cheap low cost allies, Nick Fury and skilled strike Spider-Woman becomes better at digging through her deck for aspect cards, higher opportunity to deal meaningful damage and more chances to block attacks with low cost allies.

There are so many ways to build this hero and it's early days yet. However this was a fun list to put together and a big thanks to @Deadwolf for the original core ideas presented here.

I'm not inclined to go above 40 cards though you could cut quincarrier, and simply add two additional aspect cards. Personally I like the one additional source of ramp for my personal playstyle and Quincarrier for solo play felt best (could easily run Helicarrier or if inclined Mansion instead).

If you want a partner for your campaign I also shared the upgraded Hawkeye list here:


Messing around with new cards is always so much fun!


Sep 05, 2020 Flea 603 · 2

So it seems that Skilled Strike will buff the current attack if it is the first aggression card? That is my feeling since Superhuman Agility is an interrupt.

Sep 05, 2020 Wittebaard · 13

Might be me, but this deck isn't according to the deck building rules. On the alter ego side of Spider Woman, it says that you can choose 2 aspects instead of 1 and that you need an equal amount of cards from each aspect in your deck. Your decklist shows also Protection and Leadership cards however, which isn't allowed if I'm correct.

Sep 05, 2020 Wittebaard · 13

Never mind, I just found that those cards are Spider Woman cards as well xD

Sep 07, 2020 Remedy · 3327

@Flea 603 That's correct. In the late game once you have combat training down you are able to spend just 1 card from hand to deal 5 damage to an enemy.

@Wittebaard Yes, that's what makes her so interesting to deck build with. She has 8/15 of her signature cards that are also aspect cards (2 per aspect). She is a lot of fun to deck build with!

Sep 07, 2020 ChaosTheory · 2323

Spider-Woman is going to be a homebrewer's playground for a long time. This build looks really, really fun!

My only question is whether or not Hulk is really worth playing in this build. With 15/40 cards having a mental resource he seems like a huge liability. I'd almost rather just have a 1x of Piercing Strike or Toe to Toe or something. Thoughts?

Sep 07, 2020 Remedy · 3327

I love cheap allies simply for their ability to block villain attacks. About 50% of the time Hulk can block 2 villain attacks when needed but more importantly I wouldn't swing with Hulk unless I happened to use her Alter-Ego action to take a peak at what resource type was on top.

You could very easily switch to a piercing strike and to be honest that sounds like a great solution to one minor issue I've had with this list (of finding efficient ways to remove tough). I could even see removing 1 PtA and so then you have x2 in scenarios where tough effects are prevalent. Great suggestion!

Sep 07, 2020 ChaosTheory · 2323

Oh dude! I didn't even consider the Alter-Ego action to peek the top card! That's actually a super cool combo. I still think I'd personally rather have something else but that does make a ton of sense now. Very cool! I like the deck even better now haha.

Sep 24, 2020 neothechosen · 7789

Super deck!

Tried something very similar (I preferred including For Justice!), results are amazing. Spider-Woman is incredible! Nice catch on Hulk! Didn't think of that. You, sir, got my vote!

Sep 24, 2020 Remedy · 3327

I could certainly see switching to For Justice! Spider-Woman is a lot of fun, glad you're forging your own path ahead also. Be cool to see how she changes and grows over time.

Sep 27, 2020 dendra55 · 1

@Remedy``@neothechosenFor Justice! instead Clear the Area you mean?

Sep 28, 2020 neothechosen · 7789

@dendra55 As a really like Clear the Area I'd keep it. TBH I'm not sure where I'd cut (I think I included 2 copies because my deck did not include Hulk and Under Surveillance ). Depending on the situation, maybe cut on minion control (Spider-Girl / Interrogation Room ) if the scenario allows it (not Ultron).

Sep 28, 2020 Dreadreaper · 1

What about Jarnbjorn or the permanent +1 thwart card?

Sep 30, 2020 flakbait42 · 1

Really dig this list and have blown through the first few campaign scenarios, but then hit the Zola wall and had real trouble getting past all the minions. Thinking of putting some Relentless Assault in.

Nov 20, 2020 artyzipp · 1

@Remedy have you made any updates to this deck with the new releases? Jessica is my favorite to play and med team is so fun with allies.