Upgrading the pre-con deck - Rise of Red Skull (Expert)

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Remedy · 2875

With the release of Rise of Red Skull comes a new hero and pre-constructed deck. While the experience by this particular pre-con is enjoyable on standard I thought it'd be interesting to tweak the deck slightly for the expert campaign.

By adding in cheap leadership alongside some 'enters play' effects you can get a lot of value from make the call and rapid response both very common engine cards for leadership at present. Goliath is a fantastic closer for damage once team training is down. You can very commonly get 10 damage out of him on the turn you want to close out the game with his action. US Agent is deceptively useful as a high HP ally that can often block 2 villain attacks rather than just 1. Black Knight gives an additional source of pierce for scenarios that need it while Maria Hill and Falcon have strong enter play effects.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes is simply a nice and flexible card to help Hawkeye play more than one arrow a turn in the late game. By running helicarrier and quincarrier you can further push for the ability to rather easily afford 2 arrows a turn. Something that can be a bit more challenging if you lack these sorts of cards in your deck.

Endurance is almost essential to keep his HP rather high and simply provides a nice additional safety net. While chump blocking is the main approach to preventing damage effects like overkill or multiple attacks in one villain phase can result in poor outcomes for Hawkeye thus this card has a place.

Nick Fury is still a staple and between him and quiver you can dig for arrows quite easily per deck cycle.

There are so many ways to build this hero and it's early days yet. However this was a fun list to put together and once again a big thanks to @Deadwolf for the original core ideas presented here.

If you'd like to pair with Spider-woman I published her list here:


Just switch one of the quincarriers for an Avenger's Mansion.

It's awesome to play with so many new cards all at once!


Sep 06, 2020 DarthColejoy · 69

Great Deck list @Remedy!