♫And We'll All Float On♫

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HeroicSkeleton · 187

♫Alright, Already♫

Float Like a Butterfly is a wonderful card for Psylocke. She has multiple sources of confuse, and since it's a skill, it can be grabbed with Training Regimen. But when you try to run it in solo, you'll end up torn between trying to keep the villain confused and actually benefiting from your float. This is why we are going to play a support role instead, handing them out to our friends who can better take advantage of it!

♫We'll All Float On♫

We want to mulligan for either Training Regimen or Build Support. This card is so important as it lets us hook our team up with some sweet, sweet skill upgrades. Typically you want to use this whenever you go to alter ego, but you can use it in hero form at the cost of discarding a card. If you know ahead of time that you will have a resource to spare, that's always an option.

Those sweet, sweet skill upgrades:

  • Float Like a Butterfly One of our prime targets, and also a prime trigger for getting that song stuck in my head (and now yours as well!). Prioritize giving this to whoever can benefit the most. Typically this is whoever will be attacking the most, has multi hit attacks or many allies.
  • Heroic Intuition This is for you, of course, but since it's a skill it lets us reliably reach 4 thwart.
  • Skilled Investigator A fantastic one to get, as it has 0 cost, so its easy to grab from your deck even when you are out of resources. Its also great to protect players from Caught Off Guard, as it just goes to your discard where you can just simply get it back after you reshuffle your deck.
  • Operative Skill One of your lowest priority skills. Sometimes I like to just grab it to use as a resource. If you have the resources available to play it, it will buff your #multitasking to 3 and 3 threat removal, which is quite nice.
  • Signature skill upgrades. Out of the 3 she has, Psionic Training is the main one we want. This card is so great because you can save it for a turn where someone really needs the Float buff but you don't have any other way to confuse. Martial Arts Training is not bad if you need to defend. I usually just grab Weapons Training as a resource.

Basic gameplan:

Build out your upgrades and supports, while dropping Skilled Investigator and Float Like a Butterfly for your friends. All while keeping the villain confused. IPAC to give a player that extra boost for a huge turn, and Lay the Trap for that final push.

♫Even If Things End Up a Bit Too Heavy♫

Threat management

It might seem at first that this deck doesn't have enough thwart for multiplayer. Just 2 Multitasking and a couple allies??? The thing is, her base thwart is so great, especially with Heroic Intuition, that I've found it to be enough for most situations.


Not only can you use Cerebro to search your entire deck for Professor X or Blindfold, you can even do so if they are in your discard with Betsy's Psionic Manifestation ability. I don't find myself doing it that often, but it is great to always have access to these powerful psionic allies when you need them.

I like Eros and Vivian here, but some other good options are Jessica Jones, Marvel Girl and Cypher.

Player Count

I have tested this at 2 player only. If you are playing 3 or 4 player, add another Float Like a Butterfly and Skilled Investigator for them. Add another Heroic Intuition so someone else can help with thwarting.

Cuts and other considerations If you added the additional cards I recommended above, or made any other changes and want to cut something, take out the Operative Skills. Consider running Moira MacTaggert if you have other mutant teammates if they aren't bringing her.

♫We'll All Float On♫


Oct 07, 2023 dr00 · 35887

daaang what a throwback. haven't heard this song in ages haha

Vivian is super underrated! i like your optional ally choices and would like to propose another: Banshee. he just works so well with Float Like a Butterfly

Oct 07, 2023 HeroicSkeleton · 187

@dr00 thanks! I love throwing Vivian in my justice decks, especially if I'm running One Way or Another. Banshee seems like a good option. I could see it against a lot of beefy minions, if Eros isn't enough.

Oct 08, 2023 journeyman2 · 16193

Great name! +1 to Vivian, especially in Justice. She's great!