Cyrilic Cypher Solo

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RamistAR · 140

This is the solo version, multiplayer version here is more focused on damage.

Steel Fist Artist

Your goal is to change form every turn to shuffle Steel Fist with your alter-ego response or Mutant Education.
Most Colossus decks do not need X-Gene. But this one does! You virtually draw tons of copies of Steel Fist before your deck is empty. Add Deft Focus and you can play Steel Fist for free.

Colossus Confucius

Your main goal for turn 1 is to confuse the villain. Before Psylock's pack this was a gamble, either you get Steel Fist or you have to spend 3 ressources for Concussive Blowor Sonic Rifle.
That's way too expensive!Upside the Head is so much better. This new card along with Dazzler and Professor Xwill make sure you get that confuse turn 1.

3 Draw engines

Iron Will, Moira MacTaggertand Cypherare your draw engines. They are your top priority. You might be surprised butOrganic Steel and Armor Up are very low priority. Don't hesitate to use them as ressources to play the draw engines. You will get them back soon enough. Since you change form every turn, the best engines are Iron Willand Moira MacTaggert.
Cypher is a bit tricky cause he requires a lot of set up. You need to give him Honorary X-Men and to to heal him every turn with Avengers Mansion. Why so much trouble ? Colossus does not have access to piercing in justice. Cypher will help you removing those though cards. And once you are set up, he draws you a card every turn.

Thwarting ?

You might have realized by now that this is a damage focused deck. But we still need some Thwart. Allies will be your most efficient thwarters. Multitasking will help you if you are in a pinch but I usually just use it as a ressource.


Oct 05, 2023 journeyman2 · 16193

One of the best things about Upside Colo, is that he can still pull it off through a guard minion thanks to Made of Rage! Minions can get in the way of Upside, because you have to actually damage the villain to trigger it, but thanks to Colossus’ overkill on his basic attacks, he can clear a minion and still play Upside after!

Oct 05, 2023 RamistAR · 140

Wow I did not even have this interaction in mind, thanks for the tip !