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teamcanadahockey2002 · 7579

Nightcrawler isn't released as a hero yet, but this deck will revolve around him and his ability to prevent all damage to an X-Men character. Wolverine is a pretty cool choice for this build because it allows him to use his Wolverine's Claws to play attack events for free at the cost of damage... but since Nightcrawler is going to soak up all the damage from a villain attack, he can heal that back the next turn and not lose any health overall.

First things first: You need to the economy to keep playing Nightcrawler every turn. It's a pretty significant investment to pay a lightning resource every villain phase, and then pay three more resources on your turn. So we've included The Power of Protection x2 for a double green, plus Team-Building Exercise to play Nightcrawler over and over again. The The X-Jet is an excellent way to meet the lightning requirement, but Enhanced Reflexes is another way to store some of these too.

In fact, as often as possible this deck aims to add lightning resources, which is why we're also including Hit and Run and Haymaker.

Haymaker!!!! Really???

No really! This card has been one of the best additions to this deck. Obviously Lunging Strike is your first target for the Claws, but Haymaker will hit for 3 ATK at only the cost of 2 damage to yourself, which is exactly what you'll heal each round. Furthermore, it's unconditional and can be used to attack any enemy.

Hit and Run is also a lightning resourced card that's saved me in many a game. There have been numerous occasions where finding 2 threat removal has totally been worth the cost of 3 damage to Wolverine.

Not that Logan is bad at thwarting - This deck served as our 'Justice' deck during a 4P campaign for Mutant Genesis because with Utopia down, Logan gets readied each time you play Nightcrawler. This is the hidden advantage, because Nightcrawler will not only THW 2 or ATK 2 when he enters play, plus block all your damage... he'll also allow you to ready Wolverine for an extra activation there too. This can let you plan to THW 6 each turn with Wolverine and Nightcrawlers activations, and still play a card using the Claws to get some attack in.

In fact, without any resource generation at all, Wolverine can sustain this combo from the first turn Nightcrawler is down. He starts with 5 cards in hand. If you trade one with lightning for Nightcrawler, you'll still be at 5. Using 4 to play Nightcrawler leaves you with one, which you can pay for with the Claws using health - but you'll heal that health back anyways. If you could know that you'd have 6 THW, a guaranteed block, plus an attack each turn ranging from 2 to 8 each and every turn, that's a pretty sweet way to spend your 5 cards in hand! If you get your economy rolling, you get some awesome turns!

Multiple Man are mostly there to give you a bunch of blocks to start the game if Nightcrawler is at the bottom of the deck. They could easily be replaced for other Attack events - prioritize lightning resources though :)

Hope you enjoy a good BAMF with this deck! Until next time Champions...


Apr 26, 2023 journeyman2 · 21801

Nightcrawler looping is great in Wolverine, we really do have similar styles. I know when you put a deck out it’s something I’ll enjoy. I liked Tackle/Momentum Shift over Haymaker but wasn’t focusing on quite so much, maybe there’s merit to it

Apr 26, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7579

@journeyman2 I've tried this out a lot, and gave pretty much all attack cards a chance. Early game those lightning resources are important... less so when you get X-Jet down.

But I really did find Haymaker objectively better than Tackle and Momentum Shift when I expect to play an attack event with Claws. Tackle doesnt pair well with the Claws and with Momentum Shift, I often found I wasnt needing the healing because I was already at high enough health and heal so well... and Haymaker hits for 3 rather than 2 so it made sense to just use the card with a higher output.

I know it'll likely be debateable, but I really authentically found Haymaker and Hit and Run to be the tools I used most for attacking in the gamea I've played.

Apr 28, 2023 Sluggie · 4

I did similar too. I had more of the X-men allies (rather than Multiple Man) and Mutant Protectors in that can also drop him & Polaris, or Colossus (complete with Fastball Special in deck too) even cheaper than normal. Armor as extra backup. As a lightning, Mutant Protectors can also just be using to pickup Nightcrawler if you don't wanna drop another X-dude.

And those allies come in handy when you play much more MP than Solo, but I don't like Multiple Man for this deck because it partially dull Utopia. With all these "tough" allies, I threw in a Hangar Bay. A little less reliant on 'lightning'/Nightcrawler combo, but could still work to that tune with 3x Enhanced Reflexes once he 'finally' turns up.

I still struggle with Hit and Run in general, but yeah I can see it as a solid here with the Wolvie/Crawler "need" a lack of many "attack event" options outa protection. Even "better" is the inclusion of Haymaker, lol.

I guess you just gotta be mindful of Hard Knocks giving 'tough', and Adamantium Claws and possible failing to complete costs.

May 01, 2023 Matafer · 15

Until Nightcrawler drops. This is my fav Nightcrawler deck!

Sep 04, 2023 Billyboki · 51

Love this deck. Personally my favorite protection build for Wolverine. I love the way Nightcrawler helps him and it's a build that actually build Wolverine with upgrates and supports.

I play it with Colossus , Polaris and Amor instead of Multiple Men. Tough is very important.

Feb 08, 2024 kosoluk · 1

-3 Hard knock, -3 Multipla +3 Mutant Protectors, Colossus , Polaris, Fastball special

Feb 08, 2024 kosoluk · 1

-3 Hit and run, -3 Multiple Man +3 Mutant Protectors, +1 Colossus , +1 Polaris, +1 Fastball special (multiplayer)