Aerial. Attack.

Cost: 1.

Team-Up (Colossus and Wolverine). Max 1 per deck.

Hero Action (attack): Deal X damage to an enemy, where X is the total ATK of Colossus and Wolverine. This attack gains overkill and piercing.

Andrea Di Vito & Laura Villari
Wolverine #23.
Fastball Special

If you're able to play this, it's dealing at least 4 damage, probably 5+ most of the time, and with two good keywords. It's fantastically efficient. Definitely worth the slots in a Wolverine deck, since basic Colossus is a good ally. It's a bit more of a stretch to run a Colossus deck with the Wolverine ally, as the cost can be tough to pay and it of course locks you into Aggression.

If you're playing Piotr and Logan decks at the same table, absolutely put Fastball Special in both. Let's go, bub!

Fry · 239
I love this card. As Fry said a must have for a Wolvie n Colossus at the same table — Nuggette · 1
Fun Card! Curious: has anyone been able to find a way to play off the Aerial trait here? — roselawn · 1