Cost: 1.

Max 1 per player.

Response: After an ally defends against an attack and is not defeated, exhaust this card → ready that ally.

Storm #35.
Hangar Bay

I see this card as an attempt to encourage using allies for regular blocking and not just chump-blocking. There are a few Protection and Basic allies that are especially good for this:

-Groot heals after every block. So he can take a hit, heal, ready, and potentially take another one (or toss in an attack or thwart in the hero phase).

-War Machine and Colossus both come into play with a Tough card, so they can block on their first round and still activate in the hero phase.

-Rockslide has a boatload of HP and retaliate, so he could potentially block multiple minions to get some chip damage in.

-Victor Mancha reduces incoming attack damage by 1, so he could potentially stall two minions forever.

It also pairs well with anything that keeps allies around: any of the "Honorary" cards, Protective Training, Med Team, and Shake it Off to name a few.

I think it'll likely take a little bit more of a push to make this a fully viable strategy, but it definitely gets the ball rolling.

Tzeentch144 · 21
Don't forget Spider Man Uk (dealing damage equal to the number of Web-Warriors - before getting damaged - is pretty strong) — DAVEzilla · 9