Decked Halls 2022: Day 7 - Allied Defense

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KennedyHawk · 17595

This is the deck 7 of 12 for the 2022 MCM Decked Halls tradition. This year Kennedy is building 12 decks with one collection so you can build these decks and just enjoy some games with family and friends instead of stressing over deck builds this Holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Premise: Allies can ping back. Use allies with biteback like Rockslide, Snowguard, and Charlie-27 to defend and keep them around with Med Team and Subdue. You just may have an impenetrable wall of allies.

Recommended Heroes:

Captain Marvel

Captain America

Black Widow

Dr. Strange







Dec 07, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

Quick Q about the write up... are you using Rockslide to defend with an exhaust, then triggering Nightcrawlers response to prevent the damage, all the while triggering Rockslide's retaliate?

Dec 07, 2022 KennedyHawk · 17595

@teamcanadahockey2002 Sometimes. It mostly depends on if I have Subdue in my hand or not, sometimes I’ll use that to save Rockslide when he’s at only a single hit point.