Colossus - Passion for Justice!

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neothechosen · 6468

Finally got some time to dive more seriously into Colossus! Really a strong character. This is the list I made to solo the big guy. So far, so good, it defeated every expert encounter I threw it against ( Core Set, Mojomania, a few villain packs... still got a lot of playing to do though).

Like the title suggests, i've become a fan of a card that got too little attention so far: Passion for Justice.

Solo Colossus

So it may come a little late as Mutant Genesis has been around for some time, but in case you need a refresher, Colossus really likes alternating between Alter-Ego and Hero form. That makes up for the ugly 4 hand size of Hero form and allows you to get more tough cards, which you want to keep preciously - do NOT just soak attacks with them, since they are used as payment for your top cards.

What are those cards? Well, Steel Fist first of all. Stunning AND confusing the villain with ONE card reminds me of Pheromones and, sure enough, allows you to return to AE to draw 6 cards, get a tough card when you return, but ALSO shuffle Steel Fist back into your deck with your "Aspiring artist" ability. And you can also try your luck with Piotr's Studio to get it right back.

Second, you really want to have a though card when you draw Made of Rage, incredible even when a minion blocks your way.

Since these two cards are clearly your way to victory, flipping to AE and back again, but also using Bulletproof Protector, "armor up" and chomp-blocking the villain attacks is a sound plan to make sure you'll be able to pay with a though card as needed.

Passion for Justice

I haven't seen a lot of buzz about this card, but it really is a good one. Use it to pay for Clear the Area, thwarting 3 threaths for just 1 resource (and then draw a card because obviously you planned things right). Incredible, also, for Multitasking as it provides the needed for it to apply to two schemes while boosting its thwart value! Coupled with your allies, you've got a very decent threath removal suite.

And others

Unshakable because you don't wanna miss an opportuniy for Made of Rage because you're stunned! Under Surveillance, a solo must; Limitless Stamina to ready and thwart or attack some more. Last, and it seems a bit strange: One Way or Another. Well, it makes up nicely for the 4 cards hand size and with Passion for Justice beefing up your thwart events, or your allies completing the thwart, it can be really strong. Sense of Justice also helps a lot to pay your thwarts if Passion for Justice isn't in your hand. Most allies will serve as blockers, but also add to the draw , stun and confuse.

Have fun!