Colossus - One Punch Man

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KennedyHawk · 17088

People said Colossus didn't have leadership hooks - that's because it only takes one swift hook to take down the villain! With the right set-up Colossus can take down some of the nastiest foes in a single punch! Enter: Colossus - One Punch Man!


How the deck works

The key to this deck is an unlikely hero Teamwork and one of Colossus's least discussed cards Made of Rage. With Made of Rage you can make an 8 damage attack with overkill turn 1 just for drawing into Made of Rage. That's pretty crazy. Now you can add additional damage to that overkill attack using Teamwork but you'll want to make it worth your while.

One Punch Combo

Let's look at Rhino who has a clutch 15 health. With a nuts draw we can take him down round 1. The perfect hand: 2 x Made of Rage 1x Bulletproof Protector, 1x Wonder Man, 1x Teamwork, Strength (but any double resource will do).

  • First Play Wonderman with your double resource.
  • Flip to Colossus and gain a tough card.
  • Play Bulletproof Protector to gain a second tough card.
  • Attack and trigger both copies of Made of Rage and Teamwork.
  • Laugh at your attack of 2 + 6 + 6 + 3 [17]


Now the chance of drawing the perfect hand is pretty slim so you'll likely need to do some board set-up. The way a typical game with this deck works is you will flip back and forth for a bit getting set-up using allies to maintain threat. (Hence: Maria Hill, Beast, and Professor X). You want to save up for one big punch on each villain stage so build up your Teamwork ally and use Strength In Numbers to accelerate your set-up.

These are your ideal targets for Teamwork combos

You can use The Triskelion and the other allies to maintain threat and keep colossus fueled with tough cards when needed.

Once you have 1-2 allies set-up use a combination of Colossus flips and Bulletproof Protector to get 1-2 Tough status cards. Then, use Colossus flips and Strength In Numbers to amass 1-2 copies of Made of Rage and Teamwork. Go wild with your big attacks!


The biggest attack you can get with just this deck is:

This adds up to an Uncanny 30 damage enough to take down Thanos or Ultron if you are clear to do so!

Flex Those Titanium Muscles I hope you enjoy this (a bit dopey) but fun Leadership deck. It's been a blast to try to take each villain [stage] down with one punch! You can try different combinations of upgrades or even team up with a Honorary Guardian character and boost the ally attacks even higher. Let me know in the comments below which villains you take down in a single punch!


Oct 18, 2022 Edjah · 1

Looks like my kind of deck. Do u think it’s consistent enough?

Oct 18, 2022 KennedyHawk · 17088

Hi @Edjah it sure does!

You’ll have to play colossus a bit different and leverage your tough status to ignore the villain early on as you setup and rely on Allie’s and Iron Will to thwart then can set up for the big punch. I recommend practice against Sandman, then Rhino, then your villain of choice.