Cost: 1.

Attach to an X-MEN ally. Max 1 TRAINING upgrade per ally.

Attached ally gets +1 THW, +1 ATK, and +1 hit point.

Cyclops #15.
Danger Room Training

ohhh... the only card ever that adds "+1 hot point"

pretty OP if you ask me.

At the time of this review there is a typo on the Marvel Champions Data Base entry for this card. it says "Attached ally gets +1 THW, +1 ATK and +1 hot point."

Which I found hilarious. Thank you.

dankfrog · 7

"Hot point" aside, this is a fine card if you have a few allies you want to keep alive for a while rather than block with. Given the extra hp, this is strictly better than Inspired, a card that usually gets played in "Voltron" strategies but underwhelms on efficiency alone. Add in one extra use of an ally and we're in solid efficiency territory. Remember that it can be tutored with the namesake Danger Room and makes Game Time available for your strategy. You want a lot of allies in your deck to play something like this so that you always have a target and still have a second ally who can block for you that turn...but in leadership that's probably the case already.

Stretch22 · 381