Captain America Symbiote Suit

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Captain America - Insane DMG&THW *Expert clear!* - Video inc 272 224 21 1.0
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JazVM · 35

Hello guys,

Idea: the Idea of this deck is pretty clear: boost Caps stats and either play Go All Out or Push Ahead for a lot of value. Before doing that, you want to build up your board with Avengers Mansion,Helicarrier,Quincarrier und Super-Soldier Serum, to be able to go full on out on one turn to hopefully kill the villain in one round. You can get up to 14 damage with Go All Out when you are fully buffed. That's a LOT!

Cars that enable stat boosting: Fearless Determination: I love this card. It does all we want it to do: boost your stats and replace itself afterwards. Awesome!

R&D Facility: it's pricy and for that reason just a "2 of". I don't like to see the card all that much. After you build up your board a little bit, it's nice to draw it. But early on, I'd rather play something more useful.

Symbiote Suit: who wouln't want to play with this card, it is so awesome! I has a lot of synergy in the deck. It helps utilizing all the extra resources we get from our Support and Upgrade cards with the extra card and gives us potentially +3ATK or +3THW per turn. It comes at a cost though, so be very carful not to play it when the board is unstable.

Allies: The synergy with Black Panther is obvious and finally we can do something useful with him. I like Vivian and Spider-Man for the versitility they provide. Vivian get's you out of jail for free and you will always find a use for Spider-Man. The rest are all the goodies (or godlies?) you'd expect.

This deck is designed for Expert mode. In Standard I would replace White Tiger with Hawkeye.

Changes compared to the original deck: I only play solo and I feel having only 6 allies gives me too many turns without the free block. I like to have more control over the game and build up slowly. Therefore I added three allies to the deck. As mentioned before I also feel 3x R&D Facility is one too many. Earth's Mightiest Heroes looked good on paper but again, it's not my playstyle and I'd rather have a more stable board so I added permanent support cards instead.

Have fun playing Cap in a new way :)