One Shuri or Another - (Black Panther Justice)

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Moby · 2694

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This deck uses One Way or Another and Chance Encounter draw lots of cards and then search for Shuri, who can find Black Panther's hero upgrades or even more Chance Encounters.

This deck draws a TON of cards. A priority card that I will often mulligan my entire hand to find is The Golden City, since that is a card you want to have in play turn 1.

Strategy of the deck

Draw two cards with The Golden City, switching to hero form with 8 cards in hand, then playing One Way or Another for 3 more cards.

Attach a Chance Encounter to the side scheme, (and a Followed if you can), then clear the side scheme with Multitasking and Clear the Area, potentially drawing another card.

When you defeat the side scheme, trigger Followed for damage, Skilled Investigatorfor another card, and then Chance Encounter to grab Shuri. Shuri can find you one of Black Panthers hero upgrades, another Chance Encounter or Followed, a Skilled Investigator, or even Sonic Rifle.

Since Chance Encounter can grab an ally from the discard pile, you can use Shuri to chump block an attack and then go grab her again the very next turn (as long as there is another side scheme for Chance Encounter).

There are other targets for Chance Encounter if you need them, like Nick Fury, Ironheart, or Mockingbird for a stun.

The nice part of having so many upgrades in this deck is that you can quickly cycle through the deck with your massive card draw and easily find all of your Wakanda Forever!, not only letting you clear big amounts of threat but also dishing out huge damage.


Jan 28, 2022 JRise33 · 3983

Very cool idea for a deck. Like the card draw engine. Thanks for sharing!