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Dustin · 54

What's a 0 cost deck? I was interested in seeing if a deck that only added 0 cost aspect cards in addition to the 15 hero cards would be viable (yes, Stinger is a 1 cost card... I'll address that later). I thought that it was a pipe dream but got to work playing with a few ideas. Naturally I felt that Spider Woman was the ideal Hero to use with this kind of a build since she can take the best 0 cost cards from two aspects and benefits greatly from multiple aspects being played each round!

What to expect (and not expect) from this deck First off, this is not likely going to be the deck you use to defeat Villains on a heroic level. With that being said, it's a lot of fun to play! Spider Woman can easily Att/Thw for at least 3 on every turn without really trying all that hard. You can get up to 4-5 Att/Thw with some strategic planning. When 24 of your 40 cards don't cost anything to play then it's a piece of cake to boost her attack with her Superhuman Agility ability.

Currently I've beaten Expert Rhino, Expert Crossbones, Expert Absorbing Man, Expert Taskmaster , Expert Zola and Expert Red Skull. Update! I've now beaten Ronan (standard difficulty) with this deck! I wasn't expecting to but it wasn't as difficult as I had originally expected and took me only 3 tries! So fun!

Rationales for cards used

Ally Cards

  • Waspand Ant Man were no brainers for this deck! Pay whatever you want for them! If I've got a need for them to stick around for a bit then I can make that happen. If I just need a quick attack or block, then paying 1 makes perfect sense.

  • Angela is the only true 0 cost Ally in this deck (well, it's a cost of a different kind). Works well for situations when you need an Ally and could also benefit from having a minion in play (see below).

  • Stinger Ok, you caught me, this is the one aspect card that actually has a cost in the deck. Truthfully though, Wasp and Ant Man aren't that different, in that you have to pay something for them to come out. I chose Stinger since I could pay just one and besides, there was sort of a bug theme going here (apart from Angela and Captain Marvel)

  • Captain Marvel wasn't an ally I could choose to not include, however, she's great to have! I love paying for her with 0 cost cards, attacking or thwarting and most likely drawing another 0 cost card which can be played immediately in many instances. The extra card draw when Captain Marvel attacks/thwarts is really useful!

Supports and Upgrades

  • Jessica Drew's Apartment and two copies of Finesse are standard in all Spider Woman decks and they are excellent here! When in Alter Ego you can choose one aspect card from five which can help set up an amazing turn! Finesse helps you pay for some of Spider Woman's cards that double as aspect cards, which helps almost all your cards feel like they're free!


This is where all the fun stuff is! I won't go into Spider Woman's standard events as they are very self explanatory and amazing all on their own (Tough Status, Confuse, Stun and Healing! It's all there). I'll just take time to highlight the 0 cost stuff.

  • Make the Call and Call for Aid are superstars when you need an ally quick. It's always nice to have some Allies in your discard pile so you can choose the one who's best suited for your needs, however, Call for Aid is nearly as helpful, and you'll almost always be able to pay for the Ally that shows up, including Captain Marvel if you've still got a full hand. Often times you'll be calling Allies from your deck or discard piles many times for quick uses. You'll cycle through your deck quickly, which isn't a problem.

  • Teamwork lets you keep your Allies around a little longer while still using their attack/thwart power (which is really excellent with Wasps attack!)

  • Bring it and Looking for Trouble can pair very well together as you are taking threat off the main scheme, bringing in a minion which allows you 1 card draw (or more depending on the number of minions in play). Hopefully with your buffed up attack you can take out the minion or use one of your Allies to do it for you.

  • Last Stand is such a great card when you've got such cheap allies to paste it on! My favorite moments are when I can Make the Call and pull in Wasp, pay a single energy resource (hopefully from Finesse), play Last Stand to buff her an additional 3 attack power, which hits for 6 then she slinks back into the shadows for me! I try to pull this off a few times each game if I can.

  • Skilled Strike lets you take your buffed up attack and add two more to it. Alone it will actually allow you to hit for 4 damage (with your ability), but if other aspects have been played then you become a powerhouse as you hit upwards of 7 attack power!



Oct 12, 2021 Marctimmins89 · 13

Such a clever deck idea. I think it looks fantastic and can't wait to build it myself and have some fun with it!

Oct 12, 2021 Dustin · 54

@Marctimmins89 Thanks! Let me know what changes you would make as you play around with it!

Oct 23, 2021 Vinyl · 2

I know it's not 0 cost, but have you considered playing Team Training ? this way, even you play Ant-Man or Wasp for free, they will still have 1hp.

Oct 24, 2021 Dustin · 54

@Vinyl What a fun thought! If I choose not to stick as strictly to the 0 cost thing then that would certainly be an efficient card to use! I'll have to give it a shot!