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brianlights · 21

This is my first published deck (that I actually mean to publish and people to look at).

This deck is designed to run a 4 player Multiplayer and be a strong engine for the entire team. This works all thanks to one card in particular. Maria Hill

The idea behind the play is to get Maria down early (especially if you can go first and get her in your opening hand) and keep her on the field until you can get either a Make the Call or better yet, Rapid Response on the field.

If you happen to get her on the field, along with Rapid Response at the same time, with Make the Call in your hand, then Maria Hill will be able to block twice, (coming back in with Rapid Response and giving everyone an extra card), and then at the top of the players turn, get permission to play Maria with Make the Call for a second card for cheap.

But wait, you only needed to block once and she came back in with 1 damage, now what? While this may not be quite as optimal for the card draw (depending on the turn order), you can then thwart with Maria, sending her to the discard, and then replay her with Make the Call, and thwart a second time and still benefit the team from card draw.

Now so far, this deck can be played by anybody just fine, but Scarlet Witch takes up the reliability up several levels due to a few reasons. The primary reason being Spiritual Meditation and her Alter Ego ability. These cards let you heavily cycle through your deck to get the important pieces started. Summoning Spell Can help you dig through for an Ally, of which you are fishing for Maria of course, but any of the other allies except Stinger are worth it. Kaluu also helps search for that all important Make the Call. With the amount of card draw and cycling, the deck becomes incredibly reliable once you get through it the first time. Agatha Harkness also helps incredibly well in stacking your deck even more.

Finally you have Hex Bolt in order to potentially draw yourself more cards, or place damage or thwart where needed. Getting in a clutch Avengers Assemble! to help close out the game can also be useful, but typically better used for Chaos Magic.

The point of the deck is to greatly increase the power of your allies while being an assist on both thwart and damage. You readily want Maria to pop out and die over and over again. Each piece has a reason to help work towards the goal of supporting your team.

Happily open for suggestions :)


Oct 11, 2021 brianlights · 21

And yes, I have helped Hulk get up to 11 cards in his hand at one point... It was terrifyingly beautiful

Oct 12, 2021 Schmitty · 113

I think I'll try this deck out soon, thanks for posting it! How often did you play Strength In Numbers and The Power of Leadership?

Oct 12, 2021 brianlights · 21

Strength in numbers was pretty useful for keeping the engine going, but it was more of a right time right place kind of card. Power of leadership however was used enough that 1 copy was good, 2 was a bit too much. The rapid responses or any blue ally enjoyed the benefit. If I were to cut a card, that would probably be the next card to cut for something else

Oct 12, 2021 Schmitty · 113

Thanks for the feedback! Would you ever consider Band Together over The Power of Leadership?

fun fact, when you posted about this deck on another community I was actually working on what a "support" leadership deck would look like. I had something very similar to this built privately, so when you asked if someone wanted to see what you made I was very interested.