The One Where Nebula Flips Only To Hero Two Times

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KennedyHawk · 7992

Nebula came out... or is it Nebula, maybe Nebula or Nebula, okay this is getting silly Nebula? Nailed it Nebula! Of course when a new hero pack comes out the first thing I do is play a Strength In Numbers deck to see as many of the new hero's cards as possible. Yeah - I'm that kind of player - this week's deck of the week is Leadership Nebula!



Nebula is all about flipping. She has an amazing alter ego ability to draw 2 cards when she plays a technique upgrade (once per turn). She also has a pretty puzzle-like hero ability. If you begin your turn in hero form you will resolve the special on each of your techniques and then discard them all (ouch)! The goal of this deck is to use the most OP card type in the game Nebula (thought I was going to say allies didn't you!). You'll use allies to keep threat managed while Nebula chills in alter ego, flipping once early game for Knowhere and then waiting until she has all 8 techniques in play.


Your goal is to get all 8 technique upgrades in play. Flip and use Blaze of Glory with your allies to pound the villain. At the beginning of your next turn you will trigger all 8 techniques and hopefully win (or cry when you are slightly short in damage). This deck works in multiplayer and solo and can be super fun optimizing your alter ego form. In alter ego you draw a ton of cards as you play techniques so you should be able to get allies out consistently. Use Knowhere and The Triskelion to get 5 wide allies and Strength In Numbers to find you game ending combo! Note: "Welcome Aboard" is a hero action oops. replace it with Band Together!

The Wombo Combo

Alright here's the wombo combo. Optimal damage. You want to have the following 5 allies in play: Drax, Major Victory, Gamora, White Tiger (with an Honorary Guardian attached, and Rocket Raccoon with a low health minion out.

You will flip from Alter-Ego to Hero and play Blaze of Glory.

Nebula swings for 5 (2 + 1 from Unyielding Persistence and +2 from Blaze of Glory). Major Victory swings for 3m defeats himself and readies Nebula to swing for again. (13)

Drax swings for 5. (18)

White Tiger swings for 3. (21)

Gamora swings for 4. (25)

Rocket Raccoon hopefully overkills for 5. (30)

If you have Lethal Intent you can trigger both Weapons Master for 8. (38).

These will also provide a swell retaliate 2 during the villain phase (40)

At the beginning of your next turn you'll trigger Weapons Master's again for another 8. (48).


Allies? You mean Cantrips!

Every ally in this deck is a cantrip in disguise. That's magic terminology for a card that in addition to it's body draws you a card. Let's look into it. If we get Knowhere into play all the guardians can draw us a card (only once per round though) so that's Cosmo, Drax, Gamora, Groot, Major Victory, Martinex, and Rocket.

Then we round this out with some stellar leadership cards. Kaluu will help us fish out events. Maria Hill is everyone's favorite's card draw. and White Tiger can draw up to 3 cards! This effectively makes your allies all cheaper and between this and your alter ego ability you are pretty well off for your economy.

The curious case of Knowhere

Here's the deal. When I first made this deck I wanted a Nebula deck that sprung a trap. She sat in Alter-Ego the entire game and then flipped. You can still do this but the card draw from Knowhere is really powerful. It unfortunately requires you to be a Guardian to play it. You'll have to flip once to get this out to optimize your economy. Keep in mind if you don't draw it early even a simple Honorary Guardian on Nebula will allow you to play this later in Alter-Ego form. You'll want that anyways for "Welcome Aboard" so be sure to grab it early! I hope you check this deck out and see the power of Nebula's true strength - insane economy!

Hot Swaps

Back to Basics - This version focuses on basic allies. You drop Welcome Aboard for Power in All of Us which helps fuel Knowhere and Helicarrier as well.

-2 Band Together -1 Maria Hill -1 Kaluu -1 White Tiger +1 Ironheart +1 Nick Fury +1 Star-Lord +2 Power In All Of Us

Ally-light - Ditch some allies for extra economy and more finishers.

-1 Kaluu -1 Maria Hill -1 White Tiger +1 Blaze of Glory +2 Lead from the Front

Threat-busters - If threat is a concern try taking some threat control allies

-1 Kaluu -1 White Tiger +1 Falcon +1 Ant-Man


Sep 19, 2021 House Sardel · 126

This seems like an interesting, solid design. Well done! I do question the use of "Welcome Aboard" however. With it being a Hero Action, it begs you to flip to hero more than just twice to get those allies online in haste?

Sep 19, 2021 KennedyHawk · 7992

@House Sardel Well I feel foolish - I thought it was a regular action. Yep I will drop that instantly!

Sep 19, 2021 KennedyHawk · 7992

Replace with Band Together is probably the best option.

Sep 19, 2021 House Sardel · 126

@KennedyHawkHappy to be of service! If you can find the time, I'd love it if you'd check out my new Adam Warlock deck tech, the first I've mustered the courage to publish.

Sep 19, 2021 Saan · 1187

I'm going to be the bearer of sad news. You can't play Drax, Groot, or Rocket without being a Guardian, and Martinex is going to cost 3 in alt-ego for the same reason. If you swap em out for different allies, it kinda kills the Knowhere synergy, but maybe you can find a better solution.

I'm sorry =(

Sep 19, 2021 Saan · 1187

Oh I'm a moron. I was going to say that you could play Honorary Guardian on yourself to help out, and then I see that you have this exact case covered already in your writeup, and I just need to learn to read about the deck before commenting on it and making an ass of myself.

Carry on!

Sep 19, 2021 KennedyHawk · 7992

@Saan No worries happens to us all. I’m sure I didn’t realize it the first time I played.

Sep 27, 2021 marktry · 1

Are you stating that you be in hero form to play Knowhere? I thought that if "your identity" has the Guardian trait, meant you can play even in Alter-Ego, since the hero side has the Guardian trait.