"Nothing Goes Over My Head!" V1

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Snowjedi6 · 16

Welcome to the craziest experience you can have with an Aggression deck. I know Drax is built to be the protection tank, but this deck came to me when I saw some of the great Gamora Aggression cards. This deck can really shine against a small minion heavy scenario, but isn't bad against some of the meatier villains as well.

The crux of the deck lies in finding minions and profit off of them, and using "Bring It!" to start your turn as if you were a 6 hand size hero. The vast majority of the deck is ridiculously cheap to make up for the stock 4 card hand size, so you'll be able to play much of your hand each turn from the start.

Looking for Trouble and Angela are four cards that automatically summon minions to your front door, and you profit from both of those in the form of thwart and a ridiculously cheap ally. Combined with "Fight Me, Coward!" and an encounter deck with minions that can come out from boost cards, you can handle a great deal of minons in front of you at any time. From there its only a matter of blasting them to Valhalla with your Side Holstered Hand Cannon, and you can get the villain down to nothing in no time.

I am considering swapping out one or two of the Clobbers with a "Fusillade" to make the most of the passive knives, but the free resource from Clobber makes it a tough choice. In addition, I am considering throwing in ["C.I.T.T"] but most of the time you can't spare the two resources. It is in consideration.

Let me know what you think!