Spider-Man and Friends (Solo Play, Expert Mode)

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nungunz · 115

So I have been playing a lot of solo games as my fiancé has been extremely busy with work.

I love tweaking and optimizing decks woth Netrunner, Arkham Horror, and L5R being some of the previous LCGs I’ve played. In my experience so far, a solo game averages around 15 minutes so I can usually get 3-5 games in an hour.

I’d love to share some of the decks that I’ve been tweaking. For the most part I’ve focus on Spider-Man and try to get 3 or 4 games against each villain (Expert Mode) in my experimentation.

Unfortunately currently we are very limited in card pool so there isn’t a lot to tweak.

Aside from the required cards, three copies of Inspired are added. It’s cheap and there are a lot of Allies to attach to really boosts effectiveness (Black Cat is nuts).

All of the available allies are used since this deck. Mocking Bird is pricey, but essentially provides two “blocks” and two thwart/attack so a cheaper “Webbed Up” with more utility. Hawkeye is golden against Minion heavy decks like Klaw or Ultron, but can clog up space on the bench so beware. You may also sometimes need to forego his ability to pull off off a Spider Tracker. Maria Hill is a card draw and thwart 4 (or thwart 2 and a block) for two resources...not bad, but she is much better in multiplayer. Vision is very pricey and forces you to add extra energy resources to the deck when other cards may be better. But between his ability, get ready, inspired, and lead from the front he can get some insane turns. Nick Fury is difficult to keep in the deck with his price and you can’t keep him around with heals. Useful for a burst and a block, but he is definitely a flex card that could be dropped.

Helicarrier is an amazing investment. Mansion is nice, but I habe found it in this deck to be too expensive and is often played for resources ir discarded. You really don’t want to see more than one copy a game.

Haymaker is okay, but better than Emergency (not in alter ego form often) and is primarily in here because it is cheapish and provides an energy resource for Vision.

First Aid keeps Vision and Hawkeye in the fight. Three cards is too many and one card means you may not see it when you need it so two copies it is. Could also be used to patch up Spider-Man in a pinch.

Get Ready is fantastic and cheap. Goes great with Inspired and Lead from the Front.

Lead From the Front is a slightly high price with zero to one ally. But with Inspired and Get Ready it can be a game changer! Only two copies because of the cost and the situational use. Could possibly be a 1-of. Remember that the bonus also applies to the Hero and not just the allies.

Make the Call can be good, but it is basically an resource tax to play an ally from the discard. Can be very strong, but I’ve usually by the time I am ready to play it, I’m most of the way through my deck. Went with two copies because it does allow you to pitch expensive or situational allies (Nick Fury) in the discard for resources in the early game a bit more safely.

I am not a fan of the resource cards really....or at least having too many resource cards. The “Power of Blank” cards tend to just clutter the deck in my opinion and only be worth one energy. But with the limited card pool I don’t really have a better idea other than cramming in more energy resource cards to feed to vision. I am still considering dropping one copy for Triskelion just as a deck thinner after the first shuffle or to feed to Vision.

Notable Exclusions:

The Triskellion: Not once have I run into a situation where I felt I have needed this. At best it thins the deck or provides an energy....but other cards do that and have a useful effect from the same price or lower.


Nov 07, 2019 Bronze · 27

I was wondering about that with The Power of Leadership as well, since there is really only 4-5 cards where you get the benefit of the extra icon and sometimes I also see that it just ends up being a single resource. I think that other roles have a bit stronger use of their resource card like the Aggression role.

What are you considering for a card sub if you swap it out? A second Helicarrier for a better chance of seeing one early game? A fill up of the First Aid to keep your allies alive? Or after some additional games you still feel that resource is worth having there?

Nov 07, 2019 nungunz · 115

@Bronze I've changed my opinion on the Helicarrier a bit and would probably swap Helicarrier and one Power of Leadership for two Mansions.

The mansions also equate to +1 resource while also giving +1 option.

Nov 07, 2019 TheRobin · 1

How do you ever find the time/resources to play a mansion in expert though? I've dropped all mansions and carriers from most of my decks, because doing nothing for a turn usually means you lose unless you've already won basically

Nov 07, 2019 nungunz · 115

@TheRobin If you see it earlier the better (hence starting the move to 2 copies in my testing.

I can also usually buy about a turn and a half of respite with an Enhanced Spider Sense. And Webshooter helps a ton with that if you get it.

Spider-Man can tank a few early hits from Klaw Stage II for setup depending on which Minion Spawned, but yes it is rough, but essentially getting an getting and extra 20% hand limit is huge if it can be done early.

Nov 09, 2019 Bronze · 27

Yeah, I think I am coming to the conclusion of not using The Power of Leadership in a deck type similar to this one. The proper choice of resources and resource support cards are the struggle part for me right now. Spider-Man at least has Web-Shooter as an additional one to help out. So, while I was thinking of running both Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier I don't think that both are needed. I still can't decide on the two. The Avengers Mansion is better but sometimes that extra cost (even though it doesn't seem like much) just can't be managed unless you want to go away with not playing something else that turn. I have been considering going with 1 of each. At least at that point, the second isn't a dead card if it's seen and opportunity arrives.