Cosmo and Wongda - Strange Leadership (Expert GMW)

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grenyay · 81

Wanted to playtest a bit first in the expert GMW campaign but I think now I'm convinced after a couple games that this deck is good enough to publish.

Mr. Doctor?

Doctor Strange is such a strong character, it's hard to mess up when deckbuilding, but credit to "trashpanda" (check him out he's made some great decks! who pointed out that Cosmo, as currently worded, buffs him to insane levels. So the basis of this deck is to bring out Cosmo and Wong and use their abilities to cycle through the invocation deck to whatever card you want! Because Cosmo can thwart/attack while cycling the deck, and leave Wong to choose more freely to heal the good doctor, they play together really well. The rest of the cards as well are meant to be as versatile and synergistic as possible, with each card attempting to benefit all the other cards, and help you play the right card from the invocation. This deck is great for early game, late game, support, damage, thwarting, protection, pretty much everything. You'll be able to set up quickly and then basically stay in Hero form the whole time.

No more Mr. Nice dog.

Cosmo's strategy in this deck is quite simple. Play him, and use him to attack or thwart, and when it comes time to guess the type of card from a deck, choose the invocation deck and because they are all events, you won't take consequential damage, and you will cycle through the invocation deck. It's good enough just to get him out, but he really gets broken when you give him Honorary Avenger and Sky Cycle, getting to cycle 2 invocation cards a turn. Cherry on top? Put on Inspired and Comms Implant and he'll be an absolute force while cycling the invocation deck, doing reliable damage and thwart per turn. Good Doggy!

Just "Wong"da? Like Adele?

Doctor Strange's main man Wong, the traditional way to cycle the invocation deck or heal with his ability, does the same thing here. Again, it's good enough to get him out, but add Honorary Avenger and Sky Cycle and get double the cycling or healing! More often than not, I found myself cycling enough with Cosmo and just healing 2 per turn with Wong, which greatly improves his survivability.

[Insert villain here], I've come to bargain.

So that's the strategy with Cosmo and Wongda, but what about the rest of the deck. Doctor Strange really can do it all via the invocation deck and to help you set up early game, play around Winds of Watoomb, the draw power is incredible. Try to get out the pair early, and play Cloak of Levitation as soon as possible to allow you to resolve the invocation deck twice in one turn (more with Master of the Mystic Arts).

After a bit of set up the play is pretty easy, cycle through and play whatever invocation helps the most. Winds of Watoomb and Seven Rings of Raggadorr are amazingly useful for you and allies when playing multiplayer. Confuse and and Stun the Villain with Images of Ikonn and Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, as well as thwart and attack of course, although these I used more situationally, as Winds and Seven Rings are more useful. Vapors of Valtorr can be useful if you or an ally are statused, but I find myself hardly playing it

The other event cards and upgrades are there to support the main function of the deck.

  • Get Ready will often allow you to cycle the whole invocation deck in one turn, and have massive turns with Cosmo.
  • I took out one for Make the Call to allow for more good Maria Hill turns or to bring in a chump blocker if needed, but could see myself taking it out.
  • Spiritual Meditation is amazing for card draw and improving your hand, play it every time.
  • The Triskelion allows you to bring out more chump blockers, and The Sorcerer Supreme is useful because you'll be staying in Hero form the whole time.
  • Sometimes you'll want to do an action with Cosmo, but not cycle the deck, and so you can guess the encounter deck, with of course less than 100% accuracy. For these rare cases and times when you may have to spread indirect damage, United We Stand is included to help heal your allies, yourself, or your tablemates!

The simplest lesson of all, it's not about you.

This deck is of course all about the allies, and all I have to say is, pick the assortment that works best for you! I tried to structure it so that you can have your cake (upgraded useful allies), and eat it too (chump blockers), so I think you'll have the most luck with low cost allies that can come in, have a positive influence on the field, basic action, and block. In true leadership fashion, sacrificing your allies before yourself. Wait...


Jun 03, 2021 trashpanda · 185

Great Write Up! Timmy Turner would definitely wish for this deck when facing the Galaxy's Most Wanted Campaign!! Cosmo is the best dog! Seven Rings of Raggadorr is such a good card to play in co-op and being able to cycle to it when you needed to was useful for keeping allies and ourselves alive! Can't wait to see more decks out of you!

Jun 04, 2021 grenyay · 81

@trashpandaThanks! You've been an inspiration for my decks :)

Jun 09, 2021 Immanent · 1

deck's great and all, this little maneuver with cosmo is close to broken obviosly; i just don't understand how can you pass oh Earth's mighties heroes, a lot of times, especially in this campaign you need to exhaust strange, and you can't really waste the value of invocation cards like that! not to mention you draw so much sometimes you'll end up with dead cards in hand while you could easily get back up and cast some more! not even hard to fit at least two of em

Jun 09, 2021 grenyay · 81

@Immanentthanks! Close to broken is an understatement haha. I chose to focus on Get Ready instead to have more cycling of the invocation deck paired with the thwarting you want to do with Cosmo, who when fully upgraded does a significant amount. I thought the cycling was more important. If you don't, I thought you may have to play much more around Images of Ikonn to keep the threat under control, and then you won't be able to cycle enough to get to another card you want that allows you to do much more or keep yourself and tablemates alive. As well, Cosmo and Wong aren't avengers until upgrading them, so the card isn't always useful, early game. Adding a copy or two of Earth's Mightiest Heroes can help, and I don't think takes anything from the deck, and is definitely a good idea! And if that's the judgment call you wanna make go for it, it has synergy with this deck for sure, and I'll probably try it! On the other hand, you can get Ardent Resolve from the market and it's basically a better version. Happy playing!

Jun 09, 2021 Immanent · 1

aren’t you missing the fact you both twhart AND mill your invocation deck with cosmo?it’s really that single point you even want to avoid image and focus on other more important stuffs, strange can and will stay long and cool in hero form, threat is hardly a problem by mid game, your main problem is gonna be survivability. either way, GMW is a real b***h on threat, so you’ll have to play a lot of images to clear those pesky side schemes early! as for viability of EMH, you can point the same thing for honorary avenger and sky cycle! once you have built that engine you’re gonna cycle your decks a looot and you’ll be thankfull you have an extra cast on multiple turns. milling your invocation deck is not as strong if you are limited to only two cast per turn, it’s the thing that makes strange so good after all!

Jun 10, 2021 grenyay · 81

@Immanent I of course see your point! And there are definitely times where I wish I had one extra invocation resolution, it's something I might try. The Get Readys help before Honorary Avenger and Sky Cycle get applied to Cosmo or Wong, so I wouldn't take them out. I mean we can quibble about where to add Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and I'm sure it would be a good add. I wasn't so focused on getting possibly 3 invocations per turn, because I wouldn't be able to cycle the invocation fully through 2 or 3 times to get back to the card I want. 2 times a turn seemed to be enough. Activating Cosmo really was my priority because as you say, threat in GMW can be a b*tch, and he takes care of like 3 to 12 threat per turn, really versatile. It was hard to get the deck down to 40 as well and then again, you can go to the market and get Ardent Resolve, not exhaust an ally and ready yourself. So I think EMH is a good addition yes! Try it out and let me know how it goes

Jun 10, 2021 Immanent · 1

totally, get ready it a staple in a deck like this, we should keep those at all costs. Ardent resolve is obviously your top priority to the market, you can easily buy it right after Drang, the poor guy doesn't stand a chance. anyway, i'm probably gonna test it out solo for next times, so i'll have to fix the ally's slots too; gonna add for sure more avengers so that EMH is reliable before building Wong and Cosmo, thinking about Black knight since he's gonna pierce a lot of times during the campaing; stinger will probably replace Triskelion, since you're gonna use her just for EMH fodder and creates the same effect of Triskelion. Also you could still go for 41 cards , it doesn't matter too hard in a deck with such a turbo draw! Finally, i can see your point for wanting to use the same two invocations every turn, but don't you think using Rings/vapors, Winds and Bands every turn is better?dream big with strange since you can!