Ms. Marvel 3-player vs. Expert Zola

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Grosseteste · 1

I used this deck in the Zola part of a Red Skull campaign with a Leadership Black Widow and a Protection Ant-Man. I made this deck preparing to face lots of minions and deal with lots of Tough cards, but the main idea is having the means to chain attack events with Morphogenetics as they come up, ideally having installed Embiggen! early (Embiggen! + Melee is particularly nice). Of her signature persona cards in this game, only Bruno made it to the table, in the first turn, and was immediately discarded in the villain phase with a double resource card under him. This wasn't a problem though, thanks to Endurance, allies here, and allies from the Leadership player).

Things I would change for a future deck:

I would definitely cut Moment of Triumph. Zola delivers a lot of beefy minions such that overkill isn't a big problem, and it was an issue multiple times where you have to be able to pay for an attack and then have the card in your hand afterward--and if you do, you could probably better put it toward another attack event, or the same one recurred with Morphogenetics.

Tigra didn't really work well in this scenario, even with all of the minions around--they were tougher minions than she likes to face. I think dropping her and adding Spider-Girl would be a good trade.

If I knew I weren't going into a scenario as heavy with Tough cards for villains and minions as this one, I would drop the Piercing Strikes in favor of another copy each of Melee and Relentless Assault. As it was, the Piercing Strikes did respectable work vs. Zola.

Special notes:

Jarnbjorn is good to have around for pings, especially when you realize how many attacks you're making with this deck. Just recognize ahead of time that you aren't going to be able to draw resources from Martial Prowess or Biokinetic Polymer Suit to feed Jarnbjorn.

Lockjaw is around just because there are a bunch of resources in the deck and you may find yourself with nothing in your hand to buy.

I'd appreciate any comments!