Ant-Man Consistent Game Winning Combo

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KennedyHawk · 3718

The key here is to thin your deck down to 12 or so cards. Get almost all of them in your hand and then use Resize Swarm Tactics and Pym Particles to flip back and forth constantly ramping up ATK from Giant Strength. Youtube play below. You end up dealing yourself an encounter card for each bonus attack you get, but with attacks along the way from Swarm Tactics you can consistently ramp up in damage and seal a game. Full write up to follow.

Thanks to BeatDGame for collaborating on this combo deck.

Video (processing):


Dec 28, 2020 dr00 · 4330

awesome deck. seems Ant-Man is just great for combo

no limit on giant strength was a mistake lol

Dec 29, 2020 Hpalmer2068 · 1

I don't have the Rise of Red Skull, so I can't use that Hawkeye ally card, can I use the original Hawkeye ally to substitute, or is there a better option?

Dec 29, 2020 Tage40k · 2

@Hpalmer2068It's just there because it is a cheap ally. The object of the deck is to put out as many permanents as possible as quickly as possible. With this set up you can have 6 allies out to trigger huge strength in numbers turns. I've been running a similar deck and it is a ton of fun!

Dec 31, 2020 zephyr100 · 1

I haven't played ant man, but are you sure that no resources is a good idea?

Dec 31, 2020 Pickles · 13

Original Hawkeye seems best - you want a cheap Avenger's Ally and he or Black Knight cost 3. You could use Maria Hill and make sure she gets an Honorary Avenger but that's a bit risky.

Jan 01, 2021 dr00 · 4330

@zephyr100 resource cards stay in your deck, and you can't perform the combo with them clogging up the pipes

Jan 01, 2021 KennedyHawk · 3718

@zephyr100``@dr00 is right. The goal is to thin your deck really small and set up a game winning combo so we have no room for resources. :)

Jan 02, 2021 zephyr100 · 1

Would another Swarm Tactics be worth it?

Jan 02, 2021 zephyr100 · 1

Also, if all of you need to draw a card, and your deck and discard are both empty, the players instantly lose since an infinite amount of encounter cards would be drawn. How would you stop that?

Jan 02, 2021 KennedyHawk · 3718

@zephyr100 You have to do some shenanigans with Pym Particles and Swarm Tactics. Once your deck is near empty 2-3 cards and a ton in hand. You have to be careful.

When you play an event you: -Place it on the table -Generate Resources by discarding cards and pay the cost -Resolve the effects of the event. -Discard the event itself.

So you need to make sure you are spending resources so that the deck and discard never are simultaneously empty. There are two tricks to follow.

1) Sometimes you won't trigger Ant-Man's helmet when switching to Tiny Form. 2) Sometimes you will need to overpay for a card (you can do this per Rulings around the Ant-Man ally). So sometimes I'm paying with a Pym Particles or another Resize to pay the cost of a 0 cost resize.

I do a full playthrough in this video. It's a bit long but the combo wombo starts around 27:00 in.

As for Swarm Tactics it's Max 1 per deck :(

Jan 04, 2021 Beardy_McMarvel · 1066

Great deck!

Jan 22, 2021 PorcoRouxo · 1

I love the idea. But I can't help wondering myself if ant man is really necessary ? I mean yes giant strengh is your win condition here but a deck using 6 allies, strengh in numbers and avengers assemble (using only 5 cards among the 6 drawn) could theoritically buff anyone infinitely, wouldn't it ? Gotta work on that :P

Jan 22, 2021 dr00 · 4330

@PorcoRouxo Avengers Assemble is unfortunately limit once per turn, so the combo needs resize, Ant-Man's helmet, and giant strength

Jan 22, 2021 PorcoRouxo · 1

Ok forget my last comment I just figured out that avengers assemble was maxed at 1 per round... i'm so saaaaad

Jan 22, 2021 KennedyHawk · 3718

@PorcoRouxoI tried that once then found out the hard way it's once per turn. You aren't alone