Get out of her way. Seriously.

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Alduc · 767

Why stop yourself at hitting the ground running when you can also hit the villain running?

This deck packs so much damage it's ridiculous. Twelve different Attack events can make for a short game, and you can be sure you'll be using Embiggen! every turn.

Thwarting is Agression's weakness, but you won't notice with this deck. If the lack of minion makes Chase Them Down a dead card, just recur Sneak By every turn.

I didn't include Avengers Mansion because this deck doesn't want the tempo lost. Helicarrier is easier to play while still pushing out an event in the same turn. Plus, Aamir Khan already got you covered for card draw.

In a pinch Enraged can work with Red Dagger, but the real target is Lockjaw. The perfect two-card combo is the one where you don't need to hold the two cards in your hand. Play Lockjaw from the discard pile once you draw Enraged and enjoy your ticket to value town.