Spider-Woman - Control Freak (Justice - Leadership)

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tiagoasmus · 54

Very adaptable control deck, with tons of threat removal!

  • A regular turns usually goes like this: play an ally, thwart with everyone and, if possible, play an event to deal with whatever is the main concern at the moment;

  • Pheromones is an amazing card that slows down the villain and let you (and your teammates) set up your game, and should be played whenever it is possible;

  • This deck does not require a lot of building, but Jessica Drew's Apartment or Finesse can really help and are not particularly expensive;

  • Inspiring Presence is the key to achieve big turns, either by thwarting and drawing with Captain Marvel, thwarting and pinging damage with Daredevil, thwarting like crazy with Jessica Jones when flooded with side schemes or, my favorite way to end the villain, attacking more than once with a berserker Goliath;

  • Agent Coulson can grab Rapid Response and bring it back everytime it triggers on him. But I still prefer to use it on Nick Fury, as he can draw you 6 cards, thwart 2, and block two villain attacks before leaving the table.

In conclusion, I find that this deck really can control the pace of the game (specially in solo mode), while still being a good pairing for super aggressive decks that struggle with threat.

I hope you enjoy it!