Spider-Woman - Protection Team Up

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Capitan Viterbo · 96

I'm having fun recently playing this deck, that came up pretty solid both in solo and in multiplayer.

The concept is basically playing one or two aspect cards to get the bonuses that can be used defensively too.

Allies helps both in survivability and to untap after the defensive phase with Earth's Mightiest Heroes , each of them have situational value and can be recalled on action via Make the Call if needed.

Morale Boost is simply a beast: being able to become a 3THW/3DMG/3DEF with cc1 gives you lot of versatility and offensive/defensive options.

If you can get Armored Vest, Electrostatic Armor and Unflappable up fast, you can stay on hero form for nearly the rest of the game.

It's not a beginner deck because you need to adapt your play according to the situation you're facing and a mistake can make the difference between winning or losing the game, but for sure is a very versatile deck and fun to play.


Oct 13, 2020 robinsobigne · 1

GiĆ  che ti chiami Capitan Viterbo hai vinto. Bel mazzo comunque ;)