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stilonxy · 5452

Goal of the game

Iceman is a slow hero. Let's utilize this by building a strong control deck that uses his toolkit to its fullest potential.

Take a good look at the deck. See anything in particular? That's right this deck is all about flipping between Hero and A-E to cycle ICE cards back into the deck with Cool Off (A-E ability) and Mutant Education. This makes this deck extremely versatile and you can adapt what you cycle not only based on the current board state but also based on the entire villain encounter.

Some thoughts on cards

Every card is carefully chosen and playtested in this deck and there are plenty of synergies. All cards have a purpose. It's however up to you to cut one.

You'll consistently be able to go into hero form with 9 cards thanks to Moira MacTaggert, Weapon X and Cryokinetic Perception. Clear the Area and Mutant Education will cycle through the deck faster to find those juicy ICE cards.

Utopia with only 5 allies seems like a waste? We only really include it for the ready to spit out more Frostbite. And more Frostbite means more cards to recycle. This card should be a staple in any Iceman deck.

Upside the Head is a key card. Throw out as many Frostbite before going into A-E. Use Bobby Drake's Cool Off ability along with Mutant Education. Since confuse completely overrides the villain's activation, all Frostbite will stick. Hooray! Vigilante Training should exclusively be used for Upside the Head. Also be wary that Weapon X can discard Upside the Head.

One might ask "How does One Way or Another fit the "slow and controlled" playstyle?" Well it doesn't, but it's there to help you build your engine faster early game vs very aggressive villains. The thwarting potential for Iceman is fairly limited and you rarely if ever want to basic thwart. Hence you have to carefully tend to the threat levels. Allies and Clear the Area are your best buds here.

Speaking of Clear the Area, it can be switched out for Multitasking, especially when playing multiplayer, however I prefer the extra card draw, since w/e you draw can most likely be payed for with your arsenal of support and upgrades.

Cryokinetic Perception is a really happy card in this deck. The chances of hitting an ICE card is fairly high in this deck :) This is what you should mulligan for.

Alterations/considerations (edit)

Playing the long game, Skilled Investigator will stack up to a great value. I chose not to include it for simply because this deck already offers plenty of consistent and reliable card draw. An occasional extra draw is simply not worth it compared to other cards for this build.

I've playtested Float Like a Butterfly quite a lot. While it stacks up to a decent amount in the long game, it relies too heavily on confusions. It would make more sense in an ally heavy build.

Final thoughts

This deck is solid.


Jun 21, 2024 Raelyn · 1

Do you find yourself playing Ice Slide much with this deck?

Jun 22, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@Raelyn never, unless I have nothing else to play :) I treat it as a resource pretty much.

Jun 22, 2024 sedlak87 · 1

which of the 26 aspect/neutral cards is the worst one in your opinion? ;) asking for a friend who wants to remove one card from this deck

Jun 22, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@sedlak87 the "worst" one is a tough call and really depends on several parameters. There is no simple answer (otherwise I'd not have included all 41 to start with :) )

But let's put it like this: In a multiplayer setting One Way or Another is less important since tempo is not as critical given that encounters tend to be less swingy.

In a solo setting it depends more on the encounter. You can drop Dazzler since it's such an expensive card early game. You'll want to cycle more Snow Clone in this case for chump blocking. You can also drop X-Gene since it can only target your hero events. The value of X-Gene is insane long game, but it's less important than the other resource generators.

Hope this helps.

Jul 09, 2024 dr00 · 42059

i see training cards, i'm instantly intrigued. love these and feel they are so underrated.

Jul 16, 2024 Zenclix · 1

Nice deck. I haven’t played Iceman as Justice yet, but am looking forward to it. One question if I may please? With the focus on flipping regularly, why not Lay Down the Law? Thanks again!

Jul 17, 2024 stilonxy · 5452

@Zenclix Thanks for a good question!

I guess it's a matter of taste, but I generally don't like to include Lay Down the Law for heroes w/o 2 hero forms. It's true that you switch a lot in this deck, but you can only use Lay Down 50% of the times (Hero response). And since it's a response you can only use it after you change form. Thus you won't be able to use it when you need it the most, i.e. before you switch to A-E. For this deck I simply cycle Chill Out! with Mutant Education and "Cool Off" when the threat pressure is high :)