Suit Down (Expert Magneto)

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11521

Hulk vs. Expert Magneto Full Game

Suit Down

Suit Up is one of my favorite new cards, but Hulk suits down to the purple slacks! This deck is a Hulk version of my Spider-Man Peter Parker deck so the writeup is nearly the same with a few changes to cater to Hulk. This leadership combo has been working so well with Spidey that I think Hulk can pull it off despite his lower economy. I’m confident this deck can consistently defeat most expert villains!

Suit Up

This is our main card. Suit Up tutors an ally and upgrade to our hand. This is very powerful in combination with Sidekick and makes voltron easy to set up because we can grab the ally upgrade we want. However, with this deck we aren’t focusing on voltroning, but rather the ability to tutor an ally from the deck or discard pile. This in itself is insanely good. Suit Up says we can only get an upgrade that can be attached to that ally, but the upgrade we choose doesn’t have to be played.

Ally Upgrade - Clarity of Purpose

So the elephant in the room is the “ally” upgrade in this deck are not actually for the allies. Suit Up doesn’t specify the upgrade, just that it must be able to be attached to that ally. Clarity of Purpose is an upgrade that can be attached to an ally and is a mental resource.

Moon Girl’s Suit

Moon Girl is arguably the best ally for Champion/Genius traited identities. She can draw us 3 cards in addition to her 2 THW 2 ATK statline helping us control the current board state. This makes her the prime target for Suit Up. Suit Up is an alter-ego action so we can only play it in Bruce Banner form. Moon Girl can only be played when our identity has the Champion or Genius trait, and Banner only has the Genius trait in alter-ego so this fits perfectly. Our standard sequence is to play Suit Up, grab Moon Girl with Clarity of Purpose, then play Avengers Mansion (or any other upgrade/support). Hulk has low economy so we want to draw into some resource cards but this lets us see cards in the deck and throw away what we don’t want. Being able to play a strong ally and powerful support during every alter-ego turn is big tempo for the player.

Professor X’s Suit

There’s a lot of flipping with this deck, but not many ways to control threat other than thwarting. In fact, we only have 1 source of confuse—Professor X. This is where Suit Up comes in again! We can tutor any ally so if we need to flip down to alter-ego to heal/etc, a copy of Suit Up is essentially having that confuse.

Mental Resources

Your typical Hulk wants physical resources, but with this deck we’re going half and half, true to character. Since Hulk’s identity specific cards are almost all physical resources, almost every card we add will be mental resources to even it out. We need mentals to pay for our key ally, Moon Girl. Luckily, Bruce Banner does have mental synergy with Banner’s Laboratory and Ingenuity. Currently, there is 1 upgrade in leadership/basic that we can target with Suit Up, be attached to Moon Girl and has a mental resource—Clarity of Purpose, so this is an auto-include for this deck.

Ally Selection

Moon Girl, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Ironheart are S tier allies that give us draw power and are mental resources. Professor X has our confuse. Beast is an ally with a printed mental resource and has so much synergy with Hulk because Beast can tutor any resource card from deck or discard when he enters play, and Hulk is one of the few heroes with a triple resource, Limitless Strength.

Deck space is limited but here are some great allies and why they barely missed the cut:

Black Panther - Mental resource with an amazing enter play ability. Black Panther’s effect to hold a copy of Suit Up to use on demand is extremely powerful, but unfortunately his cost is a little hefty and we can’t use The Power in All of Us for him. Since Black Panther is 4 cost, if he grabs Suit Up, we won’t be able to play the ally immediately.

Spider-Man Miles Morales - High tempo and super strong basic ally. Unfortunately he’s expensive for Hulk, doesn’t refund any of his cost, and isn’t a mental resource.


This deck was made primarily for true solo, but will absolutely pop off in multiplayer thanks to the easier access to alter-ego. To be a team player, Suit Up Maria Hill and give everyone extra card draw. In multiplayer, we can stay in alter-ego multiple turns in a row and recur Maria Hill back to back turns.


Build Hulk keeps getting better! Magneto is the epitome of a scenario that can’t be rushed down due to his side schemes that cap sustained damage… but Hulk has finally overcome that. Moon Girl powers up Champions/Geniuses and Suit Up being an alter-ego action synergizes perfectly with Moon Girl for Bruce because he needs to be in alter-ego anyways to play her. Hulk may not be the best recipient of this combo due to his lack of economy to play allies, but Suit Up is still a huge buff for him. Hulk’s already known to be a strong rush hero, if combining that with defeating expert Magneto doesn’t make a hero viable I don’t know what is :)


May 09, 2024 seneca29 · 115

I just got the AoA expansion but unfortunately, I'm still missing most of those cards. I'd like to try this combo, I wonder if White Tiger is enough...

May 09, 2024 seneca29 · 115

"Hulk is one of the few allies with a triple resource, Limitless Strength."

I know Hulk isn't considered the best character in MVC, but come on, he's still a hero. ;-)

May 10, 2024 josseroo · 659

Beast feels pretty tough with Hulk in that it is challenging to play him and then have something useful to do with the recovered resource

May 13, 2024 gilgalith · 25

I have a published alter-ego Wasp 'Pool deck that I love that feels like it could easily be switched over to this leadership style with the new Suit Up. The playstyle is extremely similar and allows easier recursion. I think this is a great Hulk deck!

May 14, 2024 BlackDaz83 · 14

I really like this deck, for reason unknown to me i keep coming back to hulk and it surprises me how people manage to tackle his weakness time and time again. Is he the strongest there is? no, absolutely not, but my god he is getting stronger and stronger. thanks WWF!

May 15, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11521

@seneca29 Hahaha woops I didn’t notice that typo. My apologies for disrespecting Hulk. In regards to White Tiger, I think she’s a great ally and definitely has a place in this deck. I prefer mental resources to pay for Moon Girl, but White Tiger is still really strong especially if she’s drawing 3!

@josseroo Playing Beast with a triple resource goes crazy because you can immediately recur it back and play a 3 cost card like Quincarrier, even with a 4 handsize with no resource generator out!

@gilgalith Thanks man! I definitely think this build works really well with genius traited alter-egos. Wasp sounds really fun leaning into her alter-ego, would love to see how she works with Suit Up.

@BlackDaz83 Glad you’re enjoying this deck! Everytime new cards are released, we as players are always hopeful that Hulk will be buffed by them haha. Excited to see him one day be able to handle all expert content with consistency!