Cost: 2.

Alter-Ego Action: Search your deck and discard pile for an ally and an upgrade that can be attached to that ally. Add them to your hand. (Shuffle.)

Age of Apocalypse #17.
Suit Up

Suit Up clearly assists the Sidekick strategy introduced in Age of Apocalypse by allowing you to search up your identity-specific ally and the Sidekick upgrade in one shot. It can be a little tricky to manage - you need access to 7 total resources to play this, a 3-cost ally, and the 1-cost sidekick all in one turn. But if you've got a double resource in hand it can be done on turn 1. More generic Voltron strategies may run this as well if you need a certain ally like Yondu in play early. Training + Game Time decks may not care about what ally is searched for but need to see the Training early to turn on the copies of Game Time. Suit up is a great support card for adding consistency to any ally upgrade archetype!

Stretch22 · 557
It also has fun little quirky interactions like Rogue from Gambit's kit (who is normally completely free-to-play). Spending 3 ER for an ally with Tough and a one-cost upgrade isn't too shabby in that case. There are certainly other niche ways to make this event really sing. AoA was such a strong box that I think this is a fascinating little unsung hero. — Láthspell · 7
Oh dang good call on Rogue. Makes me think of Black Widow's Winter Soldier ally as well. Lots of signature allies are just good enough to search for at a resource disadvantage because of what you get back by playing them. — Stretch22 · 557
The card doesnt state, that this is a "once per round/phase" anywhere... Neither does it tell you to exhaust... Is there an official errata for this? I might just play it with the exhaust option — Kogi · 1
Stupid me... Thought it was an upgrade when I first saw it... Now I feel so stupid — Kogi · 1