Magik and the 3 musketeers

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NiceShot318 · 14

Im not much a deck publisher so bare with me on the write up. First off 50 cards? Well between Hulk, Cosmo, Spiritual Meditation, Magic Attack, and Scrying you go through the deck fairly quickly as most mystics do so I have not felt it has slowed me down at all.

Now for what the deck wants to do: You mainly want to try and get out 2 of your awesome allies, Hulk, Cosmo, or Bug and start boosting them up with Honorary X-Men, Attack Training, Boot Camp, Sidearm, and Energy Spear for the guardians. The Enraged is mainly there for cosmo but can be used on another ally if needed. Hulk takes less building up to do big damage but is less consistent and cant keep him alive as long while the other two start weak but are big hitters at the end.

As for the remaining cards, Game Time is there to ready the allies once they are xmen to hit hard again. Clobber is a great source of 3 damage especially if it is on top of its deck as it essentially becomes free to help ping extra damage whether to finish enemies or early game tempo before allies are set up. Same goes for Magic Attack while Mean Swing just has so many weapon targets that dont care if they are exhausted.

Mulligan priorities are going to be resource generators, X-Gene, The Sorcerer Supreme, Limbo, and an ally if possible. Obviously where the deck suffers is threat control and damage mitigation. For the damage, defending and Magic Barrier will be your main way to mitigate. For threat, Exorcism and cosmo/bug with game times to ping it down.