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ClassyRobot · 4717

What’s up guys it’s your boy Deadpool back at it again with another video! Wuuuuuttttt. This time we’re gonna explore our feelings and get DEEP. But before we do that you know what to do, make sure to bend that notification button over and show it who’s boss, and then let’s…get into it.

Ok fine. I get it, I get it. I’ve heard your complaints about me. Deadpool is making the thwart a living hell, Deadpool is one note, Deadpool what did you do to my guacamole…

Well SHARON if you didn’t want me to take certain liberties at the office potluck then you shouldn’t have had the audacity to plan the party in the park where the alien invasion happened! Rookie mistake!

Anywho, to all the people annoyed with my awesome ability to never die for the price of a measly token, I say to you, git gud. No wait, wait... Let me check my notes…I mean to say I am ahem sooooo sorry and although I will do it again and again and again and again, I will take care of it so you can stop going to the hospital for new types of blood pressure medication.

And to Sharon? Yes, I stole your clipboard. Take more pride in your work and secure your belongings.

Back to the D. I mean deck. But I also mean my p…nifty new way to play. I’ll take care of all that scary threat, AND I’ll still do my crazy damage, ANNNND I’ll even instantly clear you a PSS and get you that toy you always wanted. What you want? You want Captain America's Shield? Oooh maybe you want Adamantium Skeleton!! I know a guy! And he…fine…I won’t take Wolverine’s bones and put it in another deck. I promise…

I promise to give you his bones or Angel’s wings or whatever you need if you just let me sit at your table during the Open Play Event and open one of those packs with you! I’ll trade you two Pikachu’s for that NSFW Deadpool where I…

Oh right…the deck. Take care of all the threat with the best Thwart event in the game aka mine, or if you’re playing with my BFF enough to let him feel special and clear it himself, load up on Side Schemes to give everyone what they asked for for the holidays, and then bask in everyone telling you how great you are.

Wait…I meant how great I AM. Although you would be playing me…so…us? No no no! That sounds like an Eddie Brock thing and I am at capacity thank you very much!

Oh. Also, Bishop is there. Something about the timeline blah blah blah…probably just mad he comes out in 2024 amiright or am I right?!

Ok bye!!!!!!!1!111

P.s. grab a second Sonic Rifle with Armed to the Teeth. Infinite ammo bandana!!

Oh, and PS5 before you get on to me about no Symbiote Suit, ew. I’m already in yellow of all aspect colors, I’m helping people with this deck not giving extra encounter cards, AND YOU WANT ME TO WEAR BLACK?!? Looking like a cosplay Barry B. Benson??? Did you see that movie? A bee actually goes to trial in a real court, AND a bee almost comes really close to sleeping with a human. You can see it in their eyes…10/10 third best movie of all time after my two.

For real this time bye bestie!!!!


Nov 20, 2023 OrcishBard · 1

Outstanding writeup <3

Nov 21, 2023 Honorary Marleyan · 1

Yeah loved that write up lol

Nov 24, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4717

Thank you @OrcishBard and @MCAddict! I may have had too much fun writing it up

Dec 01, 2023 Arkane · 13

great great deck description , LOL!

Apr 03, 2024 gutbomb · 1

And to Sharon? Yes, I stole your clipboard. Take more pride in your work and secure your belongings. ...Hahaha this is fire and the deck is fun. I really like the "Non-rush" "Non-Symbiote" suit Deadpool decks.

Apr 10, 2024 ClassyRobot · 4717

Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve made several people believe in Deadpool after this deck, and even better they were groaning when I said I was gonna play him. He’s more than just the 2 card combo!

May 25, 2024 Diggitydoo42 · 1

Don't you mean 4th favourite because Deadpool and Wolverine will come out soon. Cool deck BTW, I saw Nelson all over cards' playthrough. :)