Dig Through the Ditches

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Mr Marvel agresividad con muuuuchas cartas 1 1 0 1.0

Schmendrix · 5104

Like a Rob Zombie song from 1998 cut into Matilda: The Musical, sometimes something just works, you know? (https://youtu.be/RKrCAzIBZYw)

So watch Kamala Khan wild out on baddies by Digging Deep (through the ditches). No, it's not just a Domino card.

This Aggression deck runs on Ms. Marvel's native discard effects (Teen Spirit) and adds No Quarter to regularly hit Digging Deep and power up some truly riotous turns. Hall of Heroes complements the minion control game plan and adds to the burst card draw and economy engine. It's not uncommon to start your big turns with 9+ cards in the gas tank - a Digging Deep from Teen Spirit, the Teen Spirit Draw, the Amir draw, or Hall of Heroes - and that's the moment to slam in the back of your Dragula and gun it.

We're also packing some of the staple Ms. Marvel tricks. Shrink increases threat removal from Looking for Trouble and Chase Them Down. (Don't forget that Chase them Down can be recurred and played twice when a minion is defeated; interrupts ftw.) Embiggen! will power up One by One to double dip on that boost, but it also has additional utility with No Quarter, increasing that excess damage and potential draw. In general, we're keeping the cost curve low and avoiding doubles so that our resources jump to hand via Teen Spirit (Digging Deep) and No Quarter (Digging Deep and the Aggression resources). Note: if you Amir and Bruno strategically and play your upgrades, your No Quarters will have extremely high success rates.

The ally suite is fairly standard and can be flexed. Wolverine is a thematic callback to a great Ms. Marvel issue. Wolverine-Ms-Marvel-1.jpg Ms. Marvel #6, 2020

She's also rolling with her Champion colleague The Locust, who helps pull a No Quarter burned by Teen Spirit. Psylocke enables flipping to keep the economy engine purring. White Fox comes along for the Digging Deep ride.

Flex considerations

The all-comer deck is dead; long live the sideboard! At this stage in the game's life, scenarios are too diverse in their pressure to rely on a single build in every case, especially if you're burning through the witches at Expert difficulty. Here are some flex options to consider.

  • Minion-heavy scenarios: Swap Angela for Throg, and consider swapping a One by One for a Melee if the minions are especially beefy.

  • Extreme damage pressure or low threat thresholds: For hard hitters, indirect damage effects, and overkill, you might consider Precision Strike to heal and preserve your activation for recurring events rather than healing. Also useful when threat thresholds are low and you want to stay up longer than usual, though we really, really want to flip down regularly.


Aug 19, 2023 Raemis · 1

Diggy diggy Ms Marvel is such a blast. One of my favorite pairings in a while.

Aug 19, 2023 journeyman2 · 21343

I missed the one for me to cut :(

I’m gonna add a card and cut it just for you!

Aug 19, 2023 HeroicSkeleton · 288

Nice! Kamala was my first thought too when I saw Digging Deep. I think this and White Fox have lot of potential. I could see it with call for aid decks, weapon x, or maybe even someone like Venom who has a discard from the deck setup ability if you build around it. It's one of the most exciting resources we've seen in a while.

Aug 19, 2023 Schmendrix · 5104

@HeroicSkeleton totally agree. I'm pretty excited about Venom, too.

Aug 19, 2023 dr00 · 40709

aggression ms marvel is still the best ms marvel

Aug 19, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

@dr00 <_< Justice is eyeing you

Love this, and another excuse to play Ms Marvel? Yes please!!!

Aug 19, 2023 InigoMontoya · 4256

This looks fantastic and makes me realize that White Fox and Digging Deep are fantastic additions to my No Quarter Nebula loop deck. Gonna try it out now!

Aug 19, 2023 Schmendrix · 5104

@InigoMontoya totally! As two of the only people who appreciate Nebula, I'm right there with you.

Aug 20, 2023 josseroo · 626

Awesome issue with the Wolverine Team-Up! Digging Deep + White Fox make me feel like a hammer and every hero I look at is a nail.

Aug 20, 2023 Schmendrix · 5104

@josseroo it's so true :D AND this is a legitimately great one. Just the fact that 25/40 cards will get picked up by No Quarter is so choice (and most of the rest will be bottomed or on the table).

Aug 20, 2023 josseroo · 626

I'm going to try to cook up a Star-Lord variant of this deck, but need to actually try this one out first

Aug 20, 2023 josseroo · 626

I gave this a go vs Magog + Wrecking Crew modular (win), and then again with the Infinity Gauntlet added (loss). For solo, I swapped in Warrior Skill for Hall of Heroes because Hall of Heroes doesn't tend to pay for itself in solo.

I was surprised that Teen Spirit only managed to net me a couple of copies of Digging Deep across the two games, but you tend to hit identity-specific events pretty quick even once you have your supports and upgrades out.

Aug 20, 2023 celric · 432

If I can sing the deck name, it gets a like.

Do you think of this as a deck for 1-hero games or multi-hero?

Also, how good do you feel Honed Technique for this list?

Aug 21, 2023 Schmendrix · 5104

@josseroo - thanks for testing it! Warrior Skill makes sense.

Aug 21, 2023 Schmendrix · 5104

@celric I tested it solo and two-handed, but I think it will play nicely at higher player counts. You could consider swapping Looking for Trouble and Angela out at higher player counts as you will almost certainly have minions to smack.

I tried hard to make Honed Technique work. There was a version with Honed Technique and Melee. I found it to be very difficult to get everything down as her set up costs are already pretty high. I ultimately abandoned it as I wasn't getting consistent value. That said, it's worth trying for sure.

Aug 21, 2023 dr00 · 40709

this deck is still hanging in there! further proof that aggression ms marvel is the best lmao

Aug 22, 2023 SoloMarvelChampion · 964

I always love playing Ms. Marvel, and this looks like a blast to play!

Aug 29, 2023 Stumpyfjord · 66

I'm only hear to tell you King Haggard sends his regards. (Also this deck looks sweet!)

Aug 30, 2023 takabrash · 1

Just took her up against Juggernaut, and that's the most fun I've had with her ever! I really like her as a character, but I've never been able to make her work in the game...

Aug 31, 2023 Schmendrix · 5104

@takabrash amazing! Love to hear it. Thanks for trying the deck!

Feb 27, 2024 Moxi16 · 1

I just went through the Sinister Motives campaign with this deck. It was a very fun experience. I rarely play solo agression but I wanted to try it and it was a blast. Thanks for the decklist!

May 17, 2024 Schmendrix · 5104

@Moxi16- that's so awesome! Thanks for sharing. Really makes publishing feel worth it.