She-Hulk — Blood Rage

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Incredibul · 468

The new Aggression cards "You'll Pay for That!" and Toe to Toe inspired me to built this Deck. Aggression in solo, especially expert and heroic struggled with threat. She-Hulks unique ability to remove threat in Alter-Ego only needed a little push which "You'll Pay for That!" provides, especially in combination with Toe to Toe. Toe to Toe by itself is excellent to prepare a Gamma Slam and do damage from hand. She-Hulk has the highest recovery in the Game and 1 for 5 damage can really push the endgame.

Get Over Here! is the ultimate stun and tough removal. Since both are real problems for She-Hulk, this card is pure efficiency. And in other cases, it's one damage from hand that surprisingly often is the one damage you need to remove a minion.

How to Play? She-Hulk needs the hardest Mulligan. If you can play a ressource generator in hand in Round 1, that's already good, but really go greedy and Mulligan hard. Remember, you can see up to 12 cards out of a 40 card Deck. If you have Split Personality or Nick Fury in Round 1 in your hand, your opening can be insane. Since She-Hulks own card draw, Focused Rage, costs only three, you should try to play more than just a Ressource generator. However, consider handling Klaw and Mutagens early pressure before getting Ressource generators.

Don't underestimate Legal Practice. It has poor value, but you never overpay and it has a high ceiling. Removing a side scheme is worth it, as flipping to Alter Ego draws you 6 cards and gives you the opportunity to heal up to 7 (with Down Time). It's an undervalued card as it provides tempo if needed. In general, really make use of She-Hulks threat removal in Alter-Ego.

This Deck should be able to handle all villains in Expert Solo, and with a bit of luck heroic.


Aug 20, 2020 Remedy · 1370

Looks super fun! Thanks for the deck list going to give this a go this weekend. Cheers - Remedy.

Aug 20, 2020 Incredibul · 468

@Alter-Egos have fun! Looking forward to what you think about it!

Aug 21, 2020 925 Gamers · 95

Yo I love your perspective on "Get Over Here". I never considered that! I think I'll add that to my Hulk Decklist! This is amazing! can't wait to try out She-Hulk

Aug 21, 2020 Incredibul · 468

@925 Gamers Yes, it is also really good for Hulk!