Decked Halls 2022: Day 8 - Inconsequential

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KennedyHawk · 16522

This is the deck 8 of 12 for the 2022 MCM Decked Halls tradition. This year Kennedy is building 12 decks with one collection so you can build these decks and just enjoy some games with family and friends instead of stressing over deck builds this Holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Premise: Create an ally aggression deck like that of the great @dr00 which uses cheap efficient aggression allies and avoids the downside of consequential damage.

Recommended Heroes:

Dr. Strange

maybe Spider-Woman with Muster Courage?


  • This deck is all about taking advantage of tough from Seven Rings of Raggadorr we can pump allies up with Enraged and not worry about the excess consequential damage.
  • Some key combos: Dust + Attack Training + Boot Camp leads to a 5 damage minion AOE hit.
  • Marvel Boy + Energy Spear + Enraged +Boot Camp is a 7 damage basic attack with piercing
  • But both of these attacks are only one shot without that tough card. -Typically you'll be counting on invocations to keep you afloat while you build up these mega allies, and then using Master of the Mystic Arts to keep the Seven Rings of Raggadorr on top of your invocation deck and using shenanigans like As One! on off turns to avoid consequential in a different way.
  • Brute Force is surely an odd duck but works well here because typically Dr. Strange is used to play invocations and only attacks occasionally to heal Bug