Wakonda For-As-Often-As-Possible

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Derived from
Call for Iron Man! - War Machine 301 245 21 1.0
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Setharious12321 · 8

Do your best to, as quickly as possible, get all upgrades out and then spam Wakanda Forever! as often as possible. Use Gamora, Ghost-Spider, and Kaluu to help dig out your events, playing Ghost-Spider and Gamora with Make the Call and Rapid Response, though Ghost-Spider can also be played if you have your Web of Life and Destiny out, though honestly everything will likely be discarded to Call for Aid when search for your single Avenger, Kaluu, similarly to the deck this one is derived from where you always dig for Iron Man. When you want to get things out of your discard pile, use either Ancestral Knowledge, or a Call for Aid once you have drawn Kaluu. In my first test run of this deck, possibly just with luck, but I managed to play all 5 Wakanda Forevers in a single turn with all four of Black Panther's upgrades up, hitting Rhino for 30 damage, healing 5, removing 5 threat, and hitting all mionions fighting me for 5 as well. Though honestly, I am new to this game and put in some cards just because I needed more cards to reach 40, such as Mockingbird, Web of Life and Destiny, and the Leadership Training. If anyone with more experience has better suggestions I would very much so like to hear them.