Agents Barton and Morse of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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teamcanadahockey2002 · 2295

One of the interactions I've been trying to play with is using Government Liaisons along with Field Agents. Agent 13 has been an obvious target, but an underutilized option is Hawkeye's ally Mockingbird. Her ability to block for Hawkeye every turn is both unique, and essential to many of his builds.

She has some pretty natural synergy with these S.H.I.E.L.D. cards, as you can use the Government Liaison to play her for a discount of one. You can also use the Helicarrier to discount her a second time, and if you activate Agent 13 first, you can ready the Helicarrier for a double discount. Playing Mockingbird for free isn't a new concept... usually this involves a combination of Avenger's Tower and Team Building Exercises, but this option all comes with the S.H.I.E.L.D. tag for a nice theme, but also great synergy with this suite of cards.

(To be clear on the timing here, the order of play for Mockingbird then is usually: Helicarrier --> Agent 13 --> Helicarrier --> Government Liaison --> Play Mockingbird to table.)

Perhaps most importantly, since Mockingbird will return to your hand every turn, you'll be able to guarantee a trigger of the Sky-Destroyer every turn for 2 damage. With her ability to prevent damage, once she's set up you'll have the villain attack covered, 2 THW or 2 ATK coming from her, plus 2 more ATK from the Sky-Destroyer. The only resource you'll need is the one to trade for Mockingbird upon villain attack. With the new villains coming out, being able to just say 'NOPE' to an attack, whether piercing, overkill or boost cards, it really doesn't matter.

So then, the question became how to best use Mockingbird in this way? Hawkeye's arrows essentially live in their own ecosystem, and you can generally exhaust Hawkeye for 2 good attacks (either one arrow and one basic attack, or two arrows) per turn so you've got some decent damage planned. It is possible to run this build without Justice, but having access to the Field Agents to keep Agent 13 alive is pretty sweet, and having access to Global Logistics and Homeland Intervention with all these S.H.I.E.L.D. cards on the deck is always a solid idea.

So then, the final piece to put this all together is One Way or Another. This should allow you to get some pretty serious card draw going, knowing that Agent 13 and Mockingbird are going to want to activate once each per round anyways, so that's 4 threat you should be able to remove. Adding in the possibility of Homeland doing up to 6 THW, you should be pretty confident of removing the side scheme you pick (at lower player counts) on that turn without needing to spend all the cards you just picked up. Global Logistics could be used to check your deck before using your Quiver even just to improve the odds of finding the arrow you need.

Final considerations then include how to fill out the rest of the deck. Personally, I'm going with Endurance because of Hawkeye's general squishiness. But, since we're expecting Mockingbird to block for us every round, we don't need to flood the board with too many allies. Fury and War Machine round out the theme nicely, but you could certainly change those out for others. An interesting idea is just to take Assess the Situation, just to run a smaller deck if you think what I've described above covers everything you'll need.

As always, thanks for taking the time to check out the deck. If you haven't seen Brute Force Arrows, my previous Hawkeye deck, give that one a look. Until next time Champions...


Jun 06, 2022 Fromundaman · 64

I'm loving the free Mockingbird w/ sky destroyer combo. It's a staple of most of my Hawkeye decks, though I hadn't thought to use it in justice for the field agents. I like the concept a lot!

Jun 06, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 2295

Thanks @Fromundaman. At the time I published this, there were only like 7 public decks on the site that ran Field Agents with Hawkeye, so it seems like a fresh twist on a pretty common strategy with Mockingbird. Hope you enjoy!

Jun 06, 2022 celric · 219

Hey bro, appreciate you and the decks you share. For this one, you may want to edit the notes to avoid confusing new players.


First, what is letting Hawkeye make 2 attacks per round? Are you talking about his basic attack and the 2nd is firing an arrow? Firing 2 arrows by exhausting him to ready the bow? Something else?

Second, how are you planning to use Mockingbird and Agent 13 twice per round? Agent 13’s ability only makes a support card with the SHIELD trait ready. You could potentially double your uses of Helicarrier, Sky-destroyer, or Field Agent, but not any allies, identities, or upgrades.

Third, your wording indicates you may misunderstand the timing of Government Liaison. It’s an action that you use to immediately play a card like Team-Building Exercise (just for SHIELD and available in alter-ego). With that in mind you’d need sequencing like this to make the play you describe:

Helicarrier reduces the next card you play by one -> Agent 13 is used and triggers her ability to ready Heli -> Heli again -> Government Liason to reduce & simultaneously play Mockingbird.

Potential Changes

Because that line of play may not be an optimal sequence for your turn, Avengers Tower is a great choice. That also opens the possibility of free Quake and free Blade. Both of them are excellent blockers in turns where the villain attacks twice. Sometimes more importantly, it lets you deploy Mbird anytime during the hero phase that you want.

Since you only have 1 Skilled Investigator, I’m guessing you have solo play in mind. I’d just note that SHIELD Justice tends to crush threat in 1-2 hero games, but can struggle to remove enough threat in 3-4 player games if you are the main threat controller for your team.

Jun 06, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 2295

Thanks for the ideas here, especially regarding needing to explain how to play Mockingbird for free. The sequencing is indeed as you mentioned:

Helicarrier --> Agent 13 --> Helicarrier again --> Government Liaison --> Play Mockingbird.

Technically, you can still do other actions in between some of these choices, just as long as you don't 'play' another card.

My apologies to anyone who may interpret this as you getting to play either Agent 13 or Mockingbird twice. @celric could you let me know which particular section you're thinking of that I should edit?

Otherwise yes, Hawkeye then generally can shoot 2 arrows, or use a basic attack and also shoot an arrow.

Jun 06, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 2295

@celric Ignore that last question... I think I found and changed the section you were referring to.

Thanks again for the write up suggestions :)

Jun 06, 2022 InigoMontoya · 2560

@teamcanadahockey2002 Great deck! I need to update my Leadership version of this. Gotta add Command Team, Agent 13 and Rapid Response.

Jun 07, 2022 celric · 219

@teamcanadahockey2002 I think those edits clear it up.

Thanks for sharing!

Jun 07, 2022 Schwall · 123

No Chance Encounters to help you get your allies to hand?

Jun 07, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 2295

Hi @Schwall! Thanks for the question. Chance Encounter was a consideration (especially when running One Way or Another) but ultimately I decided I like the 0 cost SHIELD traited cards better. There are only 2 non-recurring or permanent allies in this deck so it's not a major strategy. But you could probably alter the deck to add more allies and/or Chance Encounters at the expense of GL or HI.

Personally I value the Government Liasions and Field Agents too much to change them, but as soon as you take out the cards that cause SHIELD cards to exhaust, the whole deck concept changes and its worth considering if you really need that 2nd Government Liaison.

After typing all this, probably the best answer is that I do like adding Chance Encounter, but only by going over 40 cards.

Jun 13, 2022 takabrash · 1

This deck just murders! I didn't even play half the cards in it lol. Gonna try to run it through the Sinister Motives campaign tonight! Thanks!

Jun 14, 2022 SpiderPK · 9

Using quite same deck. And Hawkeye is playing better, the Best affinity for him.